As the Westminster meltdown over Brexit continued, the plans to leave the European Union impinged on Manchester’s drivers this week.

As the powers that be proclaimed that the Regent Road works that had plagued the lives of motorists for months were coming to their final phase, motorists discovered on Monday that workers had downed tools causing even more traffic chaos.

The cause was that they hadn’t been paid, all down to it would transpire the Welsh construction firm Dawnus, who had been given the £15m contract that was intended to reduce congestion in the area by 20 per cent, couldn’t pay their bills and on Friday were placed into administration citing a downturn in the construction industry due to the uncertainty of Brexit.

Many of the good and great of the region would tweet their disapproval of the problems on the Inner Ring Road from the shore of the Mediterranean.

Yes it is the annual MIPIM when it seems half of the City decamps to Cannes to hear the property world’s various pontifications about plans for the region.

At MIPIM 2019, Manchester’s programme of events will place the people front and centre in a new approach to telling the city’s story. We hope to shine a spotlight on the human endeavour, engagement and creativity that breathes life into the development opportunities across the city, through exploring new ways to talk about issues like infrastructure, housing, placemaking, and sustainability said the website

Among the announcements from the Manchester Pavillion overlooking the Croisette Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell announced plans for Manchester University’s £1.5b plan for an innovation dynamic centre around Sackville Street.Not to be outdone Salford University will be creating its very own world class City District around Salford Crescent.

Former Rochdale MP Cyril Smith returned to the headlines after former leader of the Liberal Party, David now Lord Steel has admitted under oath that Cyril Smith confessed to him in 1979 that the child abuse allegations against him were true.

Inquiry Counsel Brian Altman QC asked Lord Steel about a statement issued by the Liberal Party press office in relation to Cyril Smith in 1979, stating: “All he seems to have done is spanked a few bare bottoms.” asking if this statement trivialised the abuse.

Steele would later be suspended from the party pending a further investigation into his revelations.

While our politicians fail,our school children take the reins, once again protesting in the City Centre over climate change.

Unfortunately their protests disrupted the tram network, ironically one of Manchester’s better solutions to low carbon emissions.

Pat Karney, the council’s city centre spokesman, said: “We have cleaned it all up right away.

“We’ve all done daft things as young people. I hope this won’t be repeated.”

Manchester meanwhile is shouting from the rooftops in other areas having just been named the 15th best city in the world, beating Barcelona, Buenos Aires in a Time Out survey while another survey found it has seen the largest increase in the number of restaurant and bar openings in comparison to other major cities in the UK.

Manchester’s rivalry with Barcelona will revived in another way next month after Manchester United were draw to face them in the Champions League Quarter Final, City face Spurs in the same competition.

Staying with football, former United Star Paul Scholes quit as Manager of Oldham Athletic after just thirty one days in charge, he had won just one out of seven games.

It’s been a wet and windy week and the weather gods intervened on Manchester’s Irish festival twice indeed, first raining and hailing on the annual parade and then demoliting the Pavillion tent in Albert Square

“Just finished working all night putting O’Driscolls back together after the storm. One hour off and my day starts again“ tweeted Councillor John Flanagan


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