The Government is coming under fire this morning for what appears to be its calamitous approaching to testing

Last night the Prime Minister assured people that the government is “massively increasing testing.”

In a video broadcast from Downing Street where he is still in isolation he said

“It is so important, and as I’ve said for weeks and weeks, this is the way through. This is how we will unlock the coronavirus puzzle. This is how we will defeat it in the end.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock returns to Westminster today after a week in self-isolation and will unveil a new five-point plan he hopes will ramp up coronavirus testing across Britain.

Hancock will front up the daily Downing Street press conference later today.

But you only have to read the front pages of the newspapers today to get a sense of the anger surrounding the issue in which the Government seems to be playing catch up with the rest of the world

Hospitals revealed yesterday how they had to beg for testing supplies from vets and brew their own chemicals to check staff because of shortages says the Times

After days of mounting concerns over the growing testing crisis, it is still unclear when NHS workers are to be tested, when mass testing for the population is to be rolled out or even whether the Government has a plan to end the nation’s quarantine reports the Telegraph

At the start of April, testing was well short of the interim goal of 10,000 tests a day, with only 2,000 of about half a million NHS frontline workers having been tested. As a result, scores of NHS staff have been self-isolating without knowing if it was safe for them to return to work says the Guardian


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