We all use them; we all need them as they help us to find our way and to orient ourselves – but we hardly ever perceive them. Each day we come across hundreds of signs that direct us where to go, tell us what to do or inform us about something or other. However, the chances are that you’ve subconsciously noticed these signs and now reading this you’re only just realizing how many you’ve seen today. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of us will take signs for granted and not quite appreciate just how big an influence they have on our everyday lives.

For example, if you’re a driver on the roads, signs are a huge part of driving, they let you know what lane you should be in, what speed you should be going and where you can and can’t park. Even if you don’t drive, when you’re waiting to cross a pelican crossing, the red and green men to advise you on when to cross is a digital sign. Another commonly used sign is that of one to direct you to the toilets whether it be in a train station or shopping mall. If the signs weren’t there, you’d be taking a lot longer to find the toilets. Across Manchester alone, there are signs everywhere to advise you on where you should be going to, how long your train might be or whether your train is delayed or not.

Developed for Your Own Company

You decided to create a new business sign with logo to give your Corporate Identity a refresh? If you’re wanting a sign for your business in Manchester, you should certainly head on over to If you’re wanting a sign for your business in Manchester, you should certainly head on over to Signomatic. They specialize in designing, and producing, a wide range of different signs for businesses all over Manchester. These signs can be traditional, or they can be digital, they can also be eco-friendly. They will also work with you during the design process so that the message you’re going to be sending is received concisely and without confusion.

You are fully flexible, when designing your sign from scratch. You can choose between various materials, sign forms and colours, fixings and fonts – which you may even combine – to create a business sign from which you yourself are satisfied. Thus, you can create a sign which will then be used as of your company and get the change that your designed sign will in Erinnerung bleiben, bringing your brand forward and creating a valuable factor – the Wiedererkennungswert.

Strengthening the Own Brand

Signage is also crucially important for businesses in Manchester. It helps them establish and strengthen their respective brands and can also help them in promoting after offers they might have going on. These signs can also be used for businesses to convey important information to consumers, for example, if they have a renovation on the shop, they can advise the public they will be closed for a couple of weeks. Even something as simple as a sign on the door as to whether they’re open or closed. Yes, it’s very simple but look at the significant importance it has on the customer’s experience and to us as a wider public.


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