Wearing jeans all year round can be challenging, particularly as the same style of jean can become boring, but with a number of options on the market as well as a range of clothing items that lend themselves well, you can be ahead of the season’s trends all year round. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the jeans you should try for yourself in 2020. 

Fabulous Flared Jeans

Finding a new style of jeans to work into your wardrobe can be confusing, but with a pair of flare jeans, you will look great and feel comfortable all day long. From the ’90s to present day, this comfortable style is perfect for the new year as you can style them in a number of different ways and pair them with knitwear, t-shirts or other items from your wardrobe, giving you a whole new look for a fraction of the cost. 

Sophisticated Straight Cut Jeans

If you are looking to ditch the skinny jeans in 2020 there are fashion brands that can provide you with the perfect pair of straight cut jeans. Pair this with a number of shirts from the stylish rails clothing brand and you have the perfect look for a casual day at home or a busy day in the office. This is the perfect way to change your style in 2020 as you will be stylish and comfortable all the way through the winter and well into the summer months. Whether you decide to tuck them into your winter boots or pair with high heels for a night out, straight jeans are the perfect option for any wardrobe. 

Wonderful Wide-Legged Jeans

Wide leg jeans are yet another must-have fashion item in 2020 as it can be styled in a number of ways and look perfect with a thick knitted jumper. For a day in the office pair with a bodysuit or a long sleeve jumper and for a day at home pair with a short sleeve or comfortable loungewear for the perfect all-around look regardless of the weather that you are faced with. Regardless of where you wear them or how you choose to style them, we know you will love them. 

Baggy Jeans For Ultimate Comfort

Baggy jeans are the final choice of jean that you should try for yourself in 2020 as they are not only comfortable, but they work well with almost everything. Whether you choose a crop top or a thick woollen jumper, you will look and feel great all year round. Throw on your favourite pair of trainers and a hoodie and enjoy the ultimate street style or pair with a crop to and checked shirt for a sophisticated but casual look for spending the day at home. The choice is yours! 

With this in mind, there are a number of styles for you to choose from for the perfect style at every point throughout 2020 regardless of any event that you are attending. Which of these jeans will you be using first? 


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