Spinningfields lies in the heart of Manchester city centre. The area is home to luxurious fashion brands and financial and commercial services. Now Left Bank is welcoming a new golf club. The Range will certainly offer something truly unique to the city.

The sport of golf has issues. Nobody enjoys playing in the pouring rain and gale forced winds. It takes a lot of practice to be competitive and it can be hard to fit it into your schedule. The Range offers innovative solutions to these issues.

First of all it is all indoors so you are protected from the weather. Providing five bays for players to have a knock around one hundred of the world’s most famous courses. Imagine teeing up on the first at St. Andrews in a nice warm room with your friends. The club will also host competitions for members.

The Range has been set up by Andrew McLoughney a former low handicap golfer who had his opportunity of becoming a professional golfer snatched from him after a motorbike accident in Vietnam.

The technology is revolutionary. It takes everything into consideration that could alter the flight of your ball. The system can also change the conditions that you play in as well as use the real life conditions the course is experiencing at the time you play.

When speaking on the systems The Range uses McLoughney said, “The technology is remarkable, it really is and people who come in are going to have to see it all to believe it. The 100 virtual courses can be played on the simulators but members and non-members will be able to tailor simulators to their needs.”

The Range will also be home to PGA coaches with lessons on offer to develop your game. The coaches have access to cutting edge technology including a a panel on the ground that determines your weight shift during your golf swing.

The golf club is featured on the site of Spinningfields newest bar and lounge area Albatross & Arnold. The name has its roots firmly in golfing history. Albatross is a reference to the rarest of golfing triumphs and Arnold pays homage to golfing legend Arnold Palmer.

The venue boasts a members area where members of the club can relax and socialise. Also there is a bar open to the public where you can try a cocktail from Albatross & Arnold’s extensive menu. Fine wine and ales are also on offer.

It’s not just drinks that Albatross & Arnold and The Range have covered. High end snacks are available in all of the sections of the building. From whiskey glazed pork belly to Lancashire cheese bon bons there is something for everybody.

Albatross & Arnold and The Range offer something for everyone. If you want to practice after work and miss the traffic, if you want a fun day out with the family or if you want to compete all options are open to you. With great food and drinks available to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Albatross & Arnold and The Range open their doors on Friday 1st December.

You can keep up to date with the project by following Albatross & Arnold and The Range on twitter.



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