A new online survey by Ipsos MORI finds that whilst nearly half of people (47%) are spending more time on social media, many of us are also taking this time to get gardening (39%), read books (33%), playing board games and trying new types of exercise (both 25%).

The under 35s’ favourite lockdown pastime (after spending time on social media at 57%), is trying out new forms or exercise of exercising more (38% of 18-34 year olds), reading books and playing board games (both 30%) – both trying new forms of exercise and playing boardgames more than any other age group.

They are also most likely to be making their own bread, with 1 in 5 (20%) 18-34 year olds getting their bake on.  The younger generations are also the most likely be spending their time having fun in the bedroom (17%).

Whilst the younger generations play games, bake and sweat it out, the majority of over 55-75 year olds are more likely to be have started doing more gardening (52%), spending more time on social media (37%) and reading books (35%).

Kelly Beaver, Managing Director of Public Affairs Ipsos MORI, says:

After weeks in lockdown, we are now starting to get a real insight into how Brits are filling their time at home and it’s heart-warming to see that the majority of people are taking part in positive activities to get through this period. The youth are leading the charge when it comes to keeping fit, perhaps offsetting all that hard work by eating their homemade bread. Whilst the older generations are focussing on keeping their gardens in check and reading books.”


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