Travelling is a great passion for most people in the world. While travelling, we have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of other peoples, and to study in more detail everything that is happening around us. However, if you do not want your next vacation to turn into horror, you must remember a few specific rules when visiting certain countries. This will help you not to feel like a fool and save a lot of nerve cells.


Greece is quite a friendly country and is glad to welcome all tourists in its exciting culture. But even in such a friendly country, there are nuances, which can be problematic. Greeks don’t like eccentric gestures. The same rules apply in Italy. Gesturing too much for others can be considered an insult. Moreover, in no instance, you should point the palm of your hand at someone since it can be regarded as a gross insult, which can lead to numerous difficulties, or even lead to the possibility of getting into jail. 

United Arab Emirates

The laws in the United Arab Emirates are very strict. And being here, you need to be extremely careful. This country takes many steps to popularize tourist destinations within the country, but in return insists that you should obey their rules. For example, you are not allowed to consume alcohol outside the designated areas. You also run the risk of getting a fine for being out of a sober state in public transport or on the beach. Casinos are also not allowed, so the best option would be to use Drbet live casino. A perfect online place where you can play anytime.


This country is very peaceful and here everyone can do what they want. But on condition that the rules that you are asked about will be respected. For example, here you are obliged to respect the personal space of other people, not to come too close during a conversation and not to snuggle up to people on public transport. Be sure to remember this if you want to avoid getting into an unpleasant situation while spending time in Sweden.


This country is a friendly one and will welcome you with pleasure. However, you must follow simple rules of discipline. Basically, these rules can work for each country, but here the lack of discipline is very painful. During walks, you must walk in strictly designated areas. For example, if you walk along the bike path, you run the risk of getting a lot of problems. For a great stay, you just need to be attentive here.


Be very careful when visiting the UK. It is especially important to monitor your gestures, for instance, a look with raised eyebrows can be considered an insult. It is also strictly forbidden to smoke in public places, including bars. And if you are on vacation with your partner, then you should not kiss their hands in public. This is fraught with problems, and it is better to refuse such gestures of attention.


If you want to go to Japan, you should know that there are many local characteristics to consider. Tipping is not allowed here in bars or restaurants. Moreover, in any case, you shouldn’t enter the house in shoes. Do not drink or eat on the go. You should also not season the rice with soy sauce, otherwise, you risk offending the people around you. Do not touch strangers, and in no case show your feelings of love in public. If you want your vacation to go well, be sure to keep these rules in mind when visiting Japan.


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