With Afternoon Tea Week fast approaching on 14th August, Victorian hideaway The Lost & Found Knutsford is set to launch its first Afternoon Tea and Gentleman’s Tea menus, perfect for a daytime get-together and holding court with friends.

Nestled between Church Hill and Princess Street, The Lost & Found’s reputation as a decadent drinking den precedes itself. Ruled by mythical Professor Emily B. Kingsley, the Lepidoptera-themed haunt is the talk of the town with its butterfly-filled walls, ethereal artefacts, vintage furnishings and sinful cocktails.

Few can resist the temptation of The Lost & Found’s Afternoon Tea (£18.95 per person). Fans of the traditional can sample delicate sandwiches of smoked salmon, Hendrick’s-infused cucumber and cream cheese; or mozzarella, avocado, semi-dried tomato and pesto; and sweet-and-salty feta, red onion and honey pastries. The essential top tier of petit fours features fragrant Earl Grey panna cotta, raspberry trifle, and a bittersweet popcorn tiffin, all served alongside warm fruit scones with clotted cream and jam.

For those with a savoury tooth, the Gentleman’s Tea (£18.95 per person) is sure to delight. Try small baguettes bursting with flavour such as crispy chicken and chorizo; or tuck into a warm Scotch egg while sipping on your tea, cocktail or fizz. To finish, popcorn tiffin and fruit scones will sate any sugar craving.

Choose from fine English Breakfast, Earl Grey or fruit teas, or for ultimate sophistication, enjoy a glass of prosecco (£24.95 per person) or Champagne (£26.95 per person) with your Afternoon Tea for a truly indulgent day.

Afternoon and Gentleman’s Tea will be available from Wednesday 9th August. For all booking enquiries please email: knutsford@the-lostandfound.com or call: 01565 760096.


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