Whilst quirky, unique and independent restaurants are all the range, take most places in the Northern Quarter for instance, sometimes nothing beats good pub food. Thats where the Beefeater Christie Fields comes in to play.

Yes, it may be a chain pub and restaurant, but that doesn’t mean that the food or service you receive is anything short of perfection.

Located just off Princess Road, the Beefeater is just a stone throw away from a commute taken by many. From the busy road outside, the transformation to the relaxed and calming atmosphere inside is palpable. Quiet music plays overhead the steak house/ American country rustic decor and you instantly feel at ease in the warm and homeliness of your surroundings.

With high-backed dining chairs, grey dog-toothed patterned upholstery, the Beefeater has seen an investment into the furnishing that is sure to stand the test of time. Whilst the furnishing may be have taken a step into modernity, the atmosphere at the Beefeater is still extremely family orientated. Carpeted floors, easy access for wheelchairs and pushchairs and an array of high chairs available remind you of the fact that the Beefeater is accessible for all who wish to visit.

Ash, our waiter, went above and beyond any expectations we had. Explaining the menu and making personal recommendations it became clear that the Beefeater staff are not only knowledgeable on what Beefeater has to offer but they love what they do and do it well.

Perusing the menu, the prices are extremely affordable and comparative to portion size they are definitely excellent value for money. We ordered the Steak, Ribs and Kind Prawn combo, which was priced around £19 as well as the Oven Baked Seabass with Greek Salad, which was priced at around £15.

Drinks prices are also extremely well priced. The bottomless soft drinks are just £2.85 — a hard deal to pass by.

The steak, as you would expect, is cooked to your preference — what you ask for is what you get. The prawns that accompanied the Combo meal were worthy of recommendation, deliciously flavoured and large in size. Perhaps if they had been de-shelled prior to receiving the meal, it would have been an almost perfect dish. With the option of choosing a range of sauces to accompany the steak meal, there is something for everyone.

The sticky BBQ ribs was a delightful combination of sweet and tangy flavours. The care taken into their preparation was evident in the way in which the meat fell off the bone. The result was a mouth-watering experience.

The Oven Baked Seabass was yet another dish at the Beefeater that was a more than pleasant surprise. Cooked in a parcel to seal in all the flavours, the fish was paired with seasonal vegetables including courgettes, potatoes and tomatoes. With just a dash of lemon, all the flavours combined perfectly and complimented one another. With a large portion of Greek Salad on the side, the Seabass dish is not-so-guilty indulgent treat.

But whilst the mains may be guilt free, the deserts certainly aren’t (would we have it any other way?). The Rocky Road Sundae was the pudding of choice and one that will certainly excite anyone with a devilishly sweet tooth. You can expect lashings of vanilla ice-cream coated in chocolate sauce, with a multitude of fluffy marshmallows, chewy brownie pieces and giant wafer biscuits. Its big enough for two but just too good to share.

With a two course meal for two coming in at just under £45 the Beefeater Christie Fields is a sigh of relief for hungry bellies as well as hungry wallets.


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