Brexit fallout has highlighted the impotence of the monarchy and why Britain needs an elected, effective head of state. That will be a key issue discussed at the Republic Convention in Manchester this weekend.
Manchester is among the most active republican cities in the UK and this year hosts the annual Republic Convention. The Convention will be looking at referendums post-Brexit, the role of the Queen and what a future republic will look like.

Speakers also include Keith Porteous Wood of the National Secular Society and Maurice Frankel of the Campaign for Freedom of Information. 

Graham Smith, Republic’s CEO, said today:

“Manchester has a long history of challenging those in power. Today the city boasts an active republican campaign, part of the growing national campaign.”

“This is a good time to be looking at the future of Britain’s constitution. Brexit has exposed the constitution as woefully inadequate, leaving unanswered questions about elections, referendums and Article 50.”

“Importantly the post-Brexit crises have left us leaderless for three weeks – the situation has shown how utterly pointless it is to have the Queen as head of state.”

“A head of state could have spoken to people’s fears and anxieties, clarified the constitutional position relating to what happens next. A head of state could have shown statesman-like leadership while the politicians get their act together.”

“The referendum has also thrown up questions about the role of referendums, their legal force and their relationship with parliament. All this needs to be resolved with a clear, written constitution.”

The Republic Convention is 11am – 5pm on Saturday July 16 at:

The Studio,51 Lever Street,Manchester,M1 1FN


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