Remote staff make up a large part of corporate teams nowadays. Unfortunately, the best collaboration possible entirely depends on the state of your digital systems. As tricky as it may seem, however, there are ways to ensure a smooth workflow. At the same time, fine-tuned programmes can also benefit customer service.

This is where products like the newly launched Pulse, an AI email management system, come in handy. With smart solutions on the rise, employees and consumers in the UK can expect digital services to work better and faster. Find out more about Pulse and where it stands alongside existing tech improving relations for businesses and customers.

Pulse by Lokulus Explained

The software uses automation to make communicating and sharing work more effective. One of Lokulus’ AI bots called REG powers the system and takes menial tasks off your hands. Things like getting the right emails to the right people and quickly responding to customers partly become Pulse’s responsibility.

In essence, management sets the programme up with instructions for different email situations and Pulse automatically follows them when certain conditions come up. You also get tools to ensure your communications and overall workflow comply with General Data Protection Regulation. And all this within a broader audit trail management system that keeps the team on track. No matter where workers are, they can deal with customers, emails, and projects without missing a beat. A business in Manchester with staff across the UK would get a lot out of Pulse.

Now, let’s talk about the company itself. After changing its name from Numero to Lokulus, it moved to Cheshire’s Glasshouse at Alderley Park. From there, it’s kept growing as a brand and creating handy solutions for various companies, big and small. According to, Lokulus actually set aside a budget of £3 million with the sole purpose of expanding itself. A 20% boost to its workforce was among its targets, which could include remote staff.

The company’s successful partnerships with the likes of Matalan and Serco reveal a good business sense backed by high-end brands. Their vote of confidence also shows the bright future of digital tech businesses and their solutions for the workplace, especially those that transform how workers and customers interact. It’s no surprise then that different tech fields in the UK are already making the most of helpful systems like Pulse.

How Software Improves UK Industries

With almost everyone on their phone, computer or smart TV, standards are high when it comes to the performance of a website or online service. So innovations in digital technology that enhance the user experience on more and more platforms are the most welcome. Not only that, but businesses that take advantage of reliable software for matters like email management, cloud storage and cybersecurity can see an increase in happy customers and therefore sales. Regardless of which industry a business is in, an efficient online system and presence go a long way in the UK.

Even providers of entertainment like online casinos enjoy the rewards of a loyal fanbase, as long as their services work well. The whole point of, for example, is to advise on the most worthwhile online casinos in the country. Without good customer service software, neither itself nor its reviewed websites would be able to help visitors, let alone entertain them with virtual slots and live roulette. These sites recognise the importance of reviews and customer guidance, so it is clear they have made the most of the available software to achieve their aims.

If you turn to a completely different but popular industry like consumer goods, the same commitment to efficient delivery is clear. Big corporations rely on the latest technologies to produce everyday household items, from cleaning products to ice cream, but also to engage with their customers.

Looking through such a business strategy on reveals a focus on social goals – consumer insights, corporate partnerships, digital marketing and so on. A range of already available automation and communication software much like Pulse is vital to hitting these kinds of targets. And better than Unilever’s rivals.

The business landscape in Manchester and the rest of the UK is changing to happily accommodate digital technology. Brands, great and small, unique, and mainstream, invest in helpful programmes that will allow them to grow in size and popularity. Lokulus saw its sector’s potential and just how important communication is today.

So the brand reinvented itself and immediately released an invaluable AI system no customer-focused business could resist exploring at the very least. Pulse’s aim of improving how emails are organised and distributed does look simple, but the amount of time and effort it saves for workers and consumers makes a difference to a company, especially one whose team isn’t in just one place.  


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