This article’s title may seem a great spoiler, but there is no need to make snap judgments. In a thirty-eight match season, just a few meetings leave a lot of blank spots. Naturally, they are pretty enough for bookmakers and the best betting sites to define odds. But there is no 100% guarantee this probability will hit reality.

Soccer is one of those sports where initial results don’t necessarily define the happy end for the team. Strong competition between the team and other minor and major factors influence the outcome. Trying to predict the winner in different competitions has already become a natural thing. There are many parties who use several information channels and analytical skills to see deep in the future and name the overall champion in Premier League, including fans from Australia and other countries in Oceania. Let’s join this community as well!

Manchester City

People around the globe wonder how professional and well-thought-out Manchester City performance will be. So far, they still have good chances to defend their title. However, their competitors aren’t less skillful — Chelsea, Manchester United, and Liverpool.

These are top tiers of the competition, but other teams that may seem minor also influence the course of events. This time, the chances of Manchester City to win the title reach fifty percent, according to the best betting sites in Australia.

They are still strong and eager to fight, even though they have already faced many obstacles on their way to victory. Unexpectedly for fans, people are now discussing what they are lacking. Their staff quality isn’t the best possible at the moment, and the reason is that they didn’t manage to replace players who couldn’t compete because of their injuries or other grounds. For weeks already, their team has been shining without Oleksandr Zinchenko, Illkay Gungodan, and Sergio Aguero.

On the contrary, Manchester City has still managed to set records. They are champions as for the number of shots performed. Their players are ranked first for the best xG differential in the championship.


Another team with a great xG differential is Liverpool. They were pretty successful during the 2019-2020 season, and, luckily, they are back again. Last time, their percentage of ending possessions was second to none. With the title odds of 5-1, Liverpool is extremely motivated. They follow strict principles and strategies, and the results speak for themselves.

Virgil van Dijk is on board now. Their recruitment approach has also welcomed another great sportsman — Ibrahima Konate. Due to recent squad changes, their chances to win have improved. On the contrary, positive staff stitches took place in other teams as well, including their strong rivals Chelsea.


Probably, it is the only team in the Premier League without any questions to its members. All of the necessary positions are occupied by the right people. The fact they finished fourth last season doesn’t mean they can’t improve their results this time. According to bookmakers, their chances to succeed are equal to what Liverpool has at the moment. So their fight promises to be tempting and challenging.

So far, they can boast of one of the best sheets in the championship. Chelsea has managed to concede the fewest number of scores. For instance, their match against Southampton resulted in a 3-1 victory.

Manchester United

Last season, they finished second. This time, their competitors have recharged batteries and fight heavily and severely to achieve the final goal — the title beckons. According to some bookmaker expectations, their winning chances equal eight percent, but the situation may easily alter since there are so many matches around the corner.

What has happened in 2021-2022 to make them less favorite among the betting sites and stakes? As in the case of other teams, the membership issues are the problem here as well. Due to injuries and surgeries, some prominent players miss the Premier League. For instance, this relates to Marcus Rashford, who is known and appreciated for his excellent defensive tactics and performance.

Even with Ronaldo in the squad, Manchester United is so far sixteenth as for the xGOT parameter. Their results randomly lack, and this uncertainty also leads to fewer chances to beat the opponents. Their style isn’t as easy as before, but they still have enough time to alter the course of events. Ronaldo, Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes — these players are rocking and may contribute heavily to the quality of this Premier League season. Looking forward to seeing their new achievements.

Wrap It Up

At the end of the day, Manchester really rocks. Regardless of which squad is happier to win the title, there are already two teams showing off the pride of their own city. Among twenty participants, there are no competitors that haven’t improved since the last season. Though Manchester City will be focused on defending their title, their playing strategy is promised to be varied. All teams are unique, and only time will tell how their evolution will go on in the future.


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