All the homeowners out there will definitely agree with the fact that rugs are an exquisite home decor element. They can add a nice touch to any houses. Not just for utility, rugs are apt for the home decoration.  The world of rugs has to offer a various range of rugs and its types. Starting from Central Asia to Western countries, you will get to see enormous artistic pieces that are not only upscaled quality-wise but also have a great aesthetic to complement your house decor. One of the rug type from the house of rugs is oriental rugs that have got thick density and a great design that is a treasure offered by yesteryears.

Asian countries such as Iran, China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet, and Nepal are the major oriental rug exporters to the world. Persian rugs are one of the most popular oriental rugs made in Iran.  they are famous for their beautiful piece that consists of rich coloring, the density of the surface, size and design.

Here are some of the oriental rugs you would love to place in your house.

Ikat Rugs

Ikat is an ancient dyeing technique. The rug is named after the technique itself. It is most popular for its beautiful color combination that commonly includes beige, ivory and grey that provide a great contrast to rooms. Synonymous with “a versatile rug” as they can easily be adapted to any home decor right from traditional to contemporary homes.

Kilim Rugs

Made from flat-woven technique, kilim rugs have got enormous features to be called a one of a kind rug material. The name ‘kilim’ is a Persian word and is an invention of the tribal people of Persia.Commonly woven from cotton and wool, hence it has got the perfect essence of warmth and coziness with apt thickness. The perfect option to place in your house as it does not require much maintenance as being a lightweight rug.


The fine texture of Soumak rug is absolutely enchanting to the eyes and patterns and motifs describe the best craftsmanship. Each work and detailing on the rug is reliable to ensure the durability and authenticity. With the flowing patterns denoting traditional symbols, the fine borderlines are the best feature about soumak rugs.

Moroccan Berber

The Berber Moroccan rugs are the invention of Berber people in southern parts of Morocco. The design and pattern on the rug is typically the symbol of mountains of Sahara. Also, Berber Moroccan rugs are great to provide warmth in chilled room temperature. The massive and thick piles and coziness of carpet make it more demanding amongst the people.

In The End

Although, there are numerous house improvement accessories to add luxury to the house, but rugs keep its special place in the house to enhance the overall appearance of the house So, if you are planning to buy rugs, you can choose from above listed oriental rugs that are not only qualitative but also have a rich charm to offer your beautiful house.



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