Located in the Great Northern Warehouse, Platzki has launched their Christmas menu, inspired by the traditions of a Polish Christmas. For Polish people, food is central to the celebrations.

This year, Platzki will be serving traditional Polish dishes including a starter of classic Beetroot soup with mini mushroom dumplings, roasted pork loin, pan fried seabass and delicious Polish baked cheesecake.

Christmas in Poland actually begins on the 24th December, where families will gather around and decorate their Christmas tree. The celebrations then begin by sharing a Christmas wafer (Oplatek). This informal ceremony is where family members wish all the best to each other, a sign of love, friendship and peace.

What makes a Polish Christmas different to the UK is the twelve dishes consumed on the 24th December. Twelve dishes refer to the twelve apostles or twelve months of the year. What can you find on the Christmas table? Well turkey and chicken are replaced with carp and herring, carp being the most popular fish to be served during Christmas. Other dishes include dumplings, borscht soup made of beetroot and an array of traditional salads and fishes prepared in many different ways. It is also believed every course should be tasted as it brings good luck for the upcoming year.

If you are celebrating Christmas in Poland, be prepared to open gifts a day earlier than in the UK as the present exchange takes place on Christmas Eve, except for the young who have to wait until Christmas Day. Music also plays a big part in the festive season, with families joining together to sing carols and attend Pasterka (Midnight Mass) at their church.


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