The two twin founders of Perky Pear, Stockport locals Samantha and Charlotte Ryder, have stormed their way onto the business scene with their start-up in breast lift and shape tape!

They have recently secured US investment which will see them branch stateside via a retail partnership and will soon be stocked instore for the first time here in the UK in Selfridges.

The brand, which retails via its own e-commerce site as well as Pretty Little Thing and, is set for an exciting 2019/2020 and already has celebrity fans including Holly Willoughby, Gemma Collins, Vicky Pattison and Love Island stars galore.

About Manchester spoke to the Stockport twins about the product, expansion into America and their future.

Could we have a brief overview of what the product does?

Perky Pear Lift & Shape Tape is the world’s first cotton-based, breathable, sweatproof & waterproof breast lift tape. Designed by myself, an E cup woman, who can appreciate the struggle of finding good boob tape, that stays in place for long periods of time. The product is perfect for those tricky dresses where you cannot wear a bra, as it provides extreme lift and a rounded shape for A-G cups.

When was Perky Pear started?

Perky Pear started in 2016 when I (Samantha) registered the company whilst working full time as a graphic designer. That year was all about securing the name Perky Pear, protecting the logo and creating the website. The products were officially launched and on sale to the public in March 2017 – at this point I quit my job, as we quickly started to receive pre-orders.

What challenges have you face during your journey so far?

In business, there are so many challenges to overcome but I wouldn’t describe any as set-backs, only learning curves. Working with family has its challenges – my twin sister, mum and brother-in-law all work within the company, which is really great but we certainly test each other.

What are some of the most notable achievements to date in your opinion?

We’ve had so many amazing achievements in the short two and a half years of launching the Perky Pear product range. Securing Pretty Little Thing as a stockist only two weeks after launching was crazy and our stockist portfolio is continuing to grow. Winning Business Woman of the Year at the Natwest Vision Awards in 2018 was a huge accolade to the brand and personal achievement of mine. I have also been put forward for the DEA Young Entrepreneur of the Year, which is the cherry on top of a great year! Expanding into America and gaining investment has also been a huge achievement this year and still feels a bit surreal.

The expansion into America sounds extremely exciting, is it something you expected to happen?

Yes – from day one when we launched the products, the USA made up 40% of our online sales! We quickly realised there was a huge demand for our products on the other side of the pond, and customers needed easier access to their tape! We now fulfil all USA, Canada and surrounding countries’ orders from our Pennsylvania logistics centre, so our USA customers can get their Perky order in 2-5 days for $5 and sales have already doubled on the US website. We are excited to launch into stores in November!

What advice would you give to somebody who was thinking of starting their own business?

Just do it! I’m a very cautious person, which I think is good as I truly wouldn’t have continued with this idea if I didn’t do the research and know that there was a huge gap in the market. It’s rare to find a gap in any market now, so when you do find one, make sure you pursue the opportunity because if you don’t, someone else will. Make sure you know the market and have a good idea of how you will make your idea a success – it’s easy to have a great idea, but it needs substance and a business plan… even if it’s written on a word document.

How important has celebrity usage of the product helped grow the brand?

Massively! Before we launched paid Instagram campaigns, celebrities such as Gemma Collins and Holly Willoughby were already using the products which certainly boosted our online presence. It may shock people to hear that our original 500% growth was organic – the celebrities using the product really gave our brand credibility.

What plans do you have for the future?

Our plans are to become a household name, so much so that when people think about low cut and backless styles, Perky Pear will be their go-to for a solution. We have recently launched in a boutique in Florida who position us in their shapewear section alongside SPANX. Our aim is to be as well-known as SPANX. The founder Sara Blakely was a huge inspiration to me as she has a very similar startup story!


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