Known for his ability in the boxing world under Queensberry rules, Lineal Heavyweight Champion of the World, Tyson Fury will be putting his unbeaten record on the line in a different environment. 

Fury will be taking on WWE superstar Braun Strowman on the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia in his first professional wrestling matchup.

The feud started when Fury attended a WWE event and got involved in a staredown with Strowman earlier this month. In one of his now-famous flamboyant suits, Manchester’s Fury had another WWE superstar thrown at him by Strowman, forcing the boxing champ to fall down. After the match, Strowman was involved in ended Fury had to be restrained by security.

Fury featured again on a WWE show three days later when he appeared on Raw, when more of the pushing and shoving continued. With a couple of other segments featured on WWE shows and social media Fury has certainly made an impact with his arrival.

Fury is not the first boxer to make the crossover to WWE. Mike Tyson featured on the wrestling promotion in 1998 and Floyd Mayweather broke the Big Shows nose when he had his match. Even on the same card as Fury former UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez will perform showing the desire of the WWE to attract stars from other fighting disciplines.

The Lineal Heavyweight Champion has brought a different dimension to his time in the WWE so far. He is famous for his outspoken and charismatic nature in the build-up to his boxing bouts and that lends itself perfectly to the discipline of professional wrestling.

Recent struggles with mental health and lack of love for the sport of boxing thrust Fury into a dark place. His comeback has become a story worthy of a movie. His return culminated in a super fight with fellow unbeaten and heavy-handed Deontay Wilder in a fight many boxing pundits and even some of his own team believed was too soon.

Tyson was dropped twice in the fight but other than these two moments was in complete control. He rose from the canvas in the final round in dramatic fashion which saw Wilder celebrating victory and the audience in shock. The fight ended in a controversial draw with many believing that the Manchester heavyweight had clearly taken the win.

With the Wilder rematch pencilled in for earlier next year Fury, coming off a tough fight with Otto Wallin, is keeping busy with his venture into WWE. This also helps him build his profile in the States, and he has even hinted at competing in MMA before the end of the year and suggested he would be trained by megastar Conor McGregor.

WWE Jewel in the Crown takes place on 31/10 at 17:00 on Sky Sports Box Office.


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