Oldham Council has agreed a pilot scheme that would initially bring 20 empty properties back into use.

We’ll be working closely with the owners of long term empty properties – six months and above – helping to alleviate growing demand for affordable and family size houses.

The new intervention policy will encourage empty home owners to work with the council by offering a range of options and solutions to them.

Currently, there are around 1,100 long term empty properties across the borough – at a time when housing pressures are most challenging, locally and nationally.

Along with the opportunity to increase our housing supply the new initiative would also benefit Oldham’s neighbourhoods, environment and economy.

Councillor Hannah Roberts, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “Historically, the number of empty properties in our borough has been among the highest in the region.

“We’ve done a lot of work to reduce this as we know houses that are empty for a long time can blight the areas they are in, damage neighbouring properties and drive down property prices.

“We’ve also spoken to residents and they’ve told us they want to see some action taken against empty properties emerging in their neighbourhoods.

“By introducing this new policy we are looking to work with landlords to not only bring properties back into use but also attract new residents to the borough through an improved housing offer.

“If you are the owner of an empty property we’d encourage you to get in touch with us and explore the options open to you.

“If this pilot is successful we’ll look to roll it out across the borough.”


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