Earlier this month at a star-studded ceremony at Trafalgar Theatre in London’s West End, Coliseum pantomime Designer Celia Perkins won the award for Best Costume Design at the UK Pantomime Association Awards hosted by Christopher Biggins.

Celia’s award is for her work on our 2021-22 production of Aladdin. She was also nominated for Best Set Design for Aladdin and attended the award ceremony alongside panto favourite actress Shorelle Hepkin, who was herself nominated for the Barbara Windsor Award for Best Principal Boy for her performance in the titular role of Aladdin.

The UK Pantomime Association explores, shares and celebrates pantomime by investigating the genre’s rich past, engaging with contemporary practice and inspiring the future. Between 13 November 2021 and 26 January 2022, 207 venues were visited by a team of 46 judges to determine the winners of this year’s awards. Three judges attended the Coliseum’s 2021-22 production of Aladdin throughout its run. A total of 27 awards were presented at the ceremony, with categories ranging from Best Ugly Sisters to Best Sound Design and Best Pantomime.

Celia Perkins trained in Theatre Design at Croydon College and the Slade School of Fine Art. After moving to the North West to work for The Library Theatre Company as an Assistant Scenic Artist she began her long and happy association with Oldham Coliseum, starting as Assistant Scenic Artist and then becoming Resident Designer. She has designed over 30 productions for the Coliseum, ranging from traditional pantomime and musicals to straight plays and comedies – ultra-realism to pure fantasy.


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