English Premier League (EPL) is the most popular professional domestic league globally and a hub for betting activities. It is one of the most anticipated leagues.

As one of the premier soccer competitions in Europe, almost every online sportsbook and casino will provide EPL with future odds. You can check out more casinos for information.

The premier league is still a three-way race, and it reflects clearly on the EPL title odds. Manchester, Liverpool, and Chelsea remain on the top of the title odds.

The English Premier League odds have had a serious shift this season. Manchester is the favourite in the title winner future to win the league. Manchester City won the EPL last season and also entered as the favourite.

Other favourites are Liverpool, Manchester United, and Chelsea. For the 2021/2022 EPL odds, Chelsea has had a sizeable shift in odds since the arrival of the new manager.

We have the top three as Manchester City with +125 odds, Chelsea with +200 odds, and Liverpool with +275 0dds. Manchester United has +3300 odds, and Arsenal stayed on board with +6600 odds. These are all EPL favourites. 

However, Manchester City is no longer the runaway favourites as their odds have lengthened over significantly from -115 to +125. But they are still one of the favourites and top on the list. 

Chelsea has been the second favourite as their odds shortened to +200 odds, while Liverpool maintains +275 odds but is no longer in second place. The Chelsea team has been showing potentials with an impeachable defence. 

They are currently showing more stability than both Manchester United and Liverpool. Liverpool offers good value as well at +275 odds. The winner can only come from these teams this season, as they all have promising results.

The club with the least of odds is the one called the favourites. The rest are favourites, too, but they are called the underdogs. 

How to Read the Odds

For a straight bet, the favourite will be denoted with a minus (-) sign.  Most sportsbooks will choose specific matches or combine them to make potential bettors curious with a unique bet exclusive to the sportsbook.

We have odds in three scenarios in which you can track your potential profit for fixed stakes.

  • Odds-on 

Your profit is less than your stakes. Placing 5 units on a stake of 3, winning will net you 5 units, and you have a profit of 2 units. 

  • Odds-even

Your stakes and your profits are equal. The odds increase to 3.0, so a bet of 3 units will net you 6 units, with a profit of 3 units, so your stakes are equal to your profit.

  • Odds-against

These are the best bets to win, both in monetary value and the emotional aspect. The wins are way higher than the bet. That is, the profit derived is higher than the stake.

A futures bet is one you place in advance or expectation of an event. You can bet weeks or even months beforehand. 

But in EPL, when there are odds you like, you don’t jump on them so quickly as the odds are prone to change as more games are being played and injuries occur.

The crucial element at playing is timing and patience as odds lengthen naturally. If you prefer betting on a particular player, you have to wait. 

No matter how skillfully outstanding a player is, his odds of scoring, performing, or doing anything else will lengthen. It will change from time to time, and an increase may arise in the possibility of being substituted. 

Waiting will allow winning profits via in-play markets and also can be seen as money line betting. This strategy will help you minimize your losses and ensure that you can secure your wins. 

Just like some players, some teams thrive after halftime or in the final minutes of play. It is possible for a team to start well and not finish well or vice versa. 

The key is to wait for any surprises the player or the team might play out before you place your bet. Early moves usually end up being wrong as anything can change at any time. If you take your time, you’ll stand more chances of winning. 

This season, the EPL title has favoured Manchester City as one of the favourites with the lowest odds, even though it recently lengthened from (-) to (+). We also have other favourites. Chelsea recently moved to the second position with +200 odds, moving Liverpool to the third position with +275 odds.

However, anything could still happen. Therefore, you should be careful when you place your bets and choose the best possibilities for you. It might take a lot of patience before you hit your big win, but if you keep at it, you will reap the benefits. 


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