The BBC has launched BBC Sounds, bringing together 80,000 hours of  music, radio and podcasts, available live and on-demand in a personalised single app and website.

The new app will see twenty new podcasts available on BBC Sounds including Beyond Today, a daily news podcast, as well as new podcasts from well-known favourites Rylan Clark-Neal, Konnie Huq, Colin Murray and the stars of EastEnders as well as forty new and exclusive music mixes curated by the BBC’s music experts, artists and others – including top footballing stars.

There will be popular and chart-topping podcasts made outside the BBC including The Guilty Feminist, Beef And Dairy Network, Griefcast and Swipe Left Swipe Left and over 100 hours of classic BBC comedy and drama newly available and only on BBC Sounds as well as the BBC’s national and regional radio stations as well as BBC World Service, live and on demand.

With more people listening on mobile, says the Corporation,BBC Sounds makes it easier to discover and enjoy exclusive music mixes, award-winning BBC podcasts as well as popular podcasts made outside the BBC.

BBC Director-General Tony Hall says: “Radio is a unique and precious part of our lives and we’re innovating to secure its future for generations to come. BBC Sounds is a standalone and standout destination, bringing the best of everything we do in audio into one place. It allows us all to experiment – to explore new music, stories and ideas – to play with form and content. And it’s going to support a whole new generation of talent.”

James Purnell, Director of Radio and Education, adds: “BBC Sounds will bring you all our audio at the touch of a button. We’ll do the hard work of finding the right mix, podcast or radio programme for you. It’s the start of an adventure – we’ll learn from our audiences to keep improving what Sounds offers, so we can bring the best to everyone.”

Bob Shennan, Director of Radio and Music, says: “BBC Radio has always been brilliant at reinventing itself and BBC Sounds is the next chapter in that great tradition. We make the best radio, podcasts, and offer the best music curation in the world – and through BBC Sounds we can ensure more people than ever can enjoy that when and how they want.


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