FUTWIZ, the ultimate FIFA community brand with more than a million registered users, today announces their new kit for FIFA 21.

Hailed by many fans as the ‘luckiest kit in FIFA’, players can get their hands on the new FIFA 21 kit in-game now.

Formed in 2012, FUTWIZ is a FIFA Ultimate Team Community brand featuring player databases, squad builders, packs, drafts, plus its world-class FIFA esports team.

The Team FUTWIZ FIFA 20 kit was worn by hundreds of thousands of players and used in tens of millions of matches in FIFA 20 and continues to draw attention from gamers for it’s good luck properties, with many fans on social media supposedly drawing great player items when wearing the Team FUTWIZ kit.

“We’re really excited to launch the new kit to millions of FIFA fans as well as our own loyal community members. The kit sees Elgato renewing their partnership with us after seeing such incredible engagement our first season together. Of course, the fact that our pro players who are all partnered Twitch streamers love using the Elgato product range to help them create great content makes it a fantastic partnership for us! We are continuing to seek more business opportunities as we look to grow the FUTWIZ brand”.

(Dan Bellis, Co-Founder and CEO of FUTWIZ)

The FUTWIZ team have also created a real-life version of the kit for fans to buy. Pre-orders have launched via the online shop.

For more information please click here.


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