In July 2012 Greater Manchester Police set up a new unit to investigate sex offences. In the first of its kind for the force, 60 detectives were trained as specialist rape investigators. 

Within the first year, reports of sex offences across Britain reached levels never seen before in the history of policing. 

Now the BBC have announced that there will be a three-part series following the detectives as they investigate sex crime in unprecedented times. 

The corporation promises that Detectives will be a gripping and dramatic take into their world, revealing the complexities and challenges, highs and lows, of investigating the crime that is second only to murder.

The series forms part of a host of new shows announced Kim Shillinglaw, Controller BBC Two and BBC Four, at a special preview event in London tonight last night.

Among the other highlights, Oldham born Professor Brian Cox challenges a team of scientists and celebrities to get connected and battle their way through the six degrees of separation that connect everything in our universe. 

From Babbage to Buzzfeed, Lovelace to Linux, Six Degrees is based on the theory that everyone or everything is six or fewer steps away from any other person in the world. 

The panel show will rejoice in the often serendipitous connections that have led us through the digital revolution.

There is plenty of history as well. In an exclusive partnership with University College London, historian David Olusoga uncovers Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners. Forensically examining the compensation records, he discovers the surprising range of people who owned slaves and the sheer scale of the slavery business.

While historian Dominic Sandbrook in a four part series looks at Britain’s cultural contribution to the world since the scone world war and in another four part series, classicist and historian, Professor Mary Beard draws on her immense scholarship, unique viewpoints and myth-busting approach to Roman history, to give her definitive take on the Roman Empire. Travelling from Spain to Iran, Egypt to Scotland, Tunisia to Greece, she‘ll pose the big questions that have fascinated people for centuries: how and why did it happen.

Neil Oliver and Alice Roberts team up in a three-part series to discover the world of the Celts. Travelling across Europe, from Ireland to Turkey, Denmark to Portugal, they seek out brand new archaeological discoveries, some of our greatest ancient treasures, and the very latest scientific studies. With dramatic reconstruction of three pivotal battles in the history of the Celts, Alice and Neil will reveal an incredible lost empire that stood up to the might of the Rome for hundreds of years.


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