Online games of chance have been popular in the UK from the moment they came into existence. If we were to single out a game that’s been most popular among UK players, it’s definitely slots.

As is often the case, every online casino in the UK has a predetermined age limit for players who can participate in online gambling. The legal age is 18, and the moment a player is old enough to create an account on a platform of their choice, there’s nothing that can stop them on their online gaming journey.

Still, as time goes by, online gaming preferences change, and we’ve done research on the most popular online UK slots according to a specific age group. Without further ado, let’s see what we’ve found out.

Group 1: Players Aged 18–24

This is a group of players that’s just started exploring the world of online gaming. When they become officially allowed by the law to participate in online gaming, the situation develops as if you’ve given chocolate to a child.

Although they are often present on online gaming platforms, these players are not the ones that play games the most. At this time, they are experimenting and trying out as many different slot games as possible in order to find out how the system works in the first place.

After checking out the majority of games, the youngest slot players usually stick to the slot titles that are based on some popular themes. These include the ongoing movies and TV series such as Game of Thrones or Avengers.

Group 2: Players Aged 25–34

The second group of people is the one that happens to play online slots the most in the UK. This is often tied to the fact that individuals who belong to this age group are done with education and have a job but still haven’t started a family. In other words, they can let themselves enjoy any activity they find amusing without any potential issues.

Since, by now, they have learnt all about the world of online slots, these players are more specific with their game choice. Most often, they are interested in games that have some kind of an interesting background story, such as Cleopatra or Book of Dead.

You won’t see them changing their game choice that often, as they’ve already been doing that for quite a while. Now, they know what they want, as well as what they don’t want.

Group 3: Players Aged 35–44

We’ve reached the third group that, according to their age, consists of serious players. The age range of this group indicates that players have been in the online gaming world for quite some time now, as well as that they started playing online slots before they were so advanced.

What characterises this age group is their love for old-school online slots that include those evergreen symbols such as fruits, numbers, stars, and more. The most popular game these players go for is Starburst that has been on the trending list for ages.

Even if they sometimes try the latest releases, players aged 35–44 quickly go back to the games they find familiar.

Group 4: 45 and Older

Once they reach 45, players in the UK start losing interest in online slot games step by step. They still play the games, of course, but they’ve seen them all by this time and no longer have any preference regarding a particular title.

Players that do have a favourite game keep playing it again and again, and the ones that don’t have any particular preference try out new games simply to change their routine and make their lives more interesting.

Finishing Thoughts

As we can see, the number of available slot games that can be found online is such that it can satisfy all types of players — from the youngest to the oldest. Your job is only to find the most appealing titles and have fun, no matter how old you are. Remember, youth is only a state of mind!



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