When choosing a business degree, young people need to forecast future labor market trends. This article contains a list of degrees that can guarantee interesting jobs and good salaries.

When young people choose a business degree, they want it to be future-proof. Today, the labor market is changing because of new technologies. It might be tricky to find a profession that would guarantee a decent income and emotional satisfaction for years ahead. The readers of this article will get to know about business degrees that will open the best perspectives for them.


For decades, accounting was one of the most stable and predictable spheres. But now, AI experts say that computers will replace human specialists in this field. Automated algorithms calculate taxes and carry out financial analysis much quicker than people. Programs make fewer mistakes and never create fraud schemes.

Yet algorithms cannot function without human supervision. Companies will keep hiring human accountants — but their sphere of responsibility might change. It will not be enough to manage financial documents and make sure that the company complies with employment laws. Accountants should be ready to integrate AI into their workflow and control it.


In this dynamic sphere, AI will hardly replace people any time soon. Jobs in advertising are very diverse. A professional who started their career in a paper writing service can become a copywriter in an advertising agency. An accountant can join the same agency to work with documents and numbers.

Youngsters study consumer behavior and learn how to conduct market research. They get to know the basics of brand management and media planning. They practice creating catchy ads and estimate their efficiency. This degree is ideal for people who have both rich imagination and a business streak.

Business Management / Administration 

A graduate can start their career as a sales manager, account manager or project manager. They will study operations management, organizational leadership, and business ethics. They will learn about sales, accounting and law. They will be able to apply these skills in any sphere, be it food tech, agritourism, or building educational apps for students.

The global economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic revealed an important trend. The demand for middle and lower-level managers might decrease in the future. But experts with profound knowledge will always be able to earn good money. No computer can manage a team of people as a live human specialist. 


Students will become experts in both macro- and microeconomics. They will learn budget analytics and business statistics. They will need to memorize economic theory and principles. After graduation, they will be able to work as contract specialists or budget analysts.

The basis of economics is maths and data analysis. Today, professionals get access to unprecedented amounts of data, gathered by computers. Yet they cannot rely only on AI to analyze facts and forecast trends. A human mindset and understanding of human needs are essential for this field.


The financial sphere is exploding. Cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, and innovative payment methods open unique opportunities for graduates. They do not need to join a large entity in the lowest rank anymore. They can launch startups, attract investments and try to become millionaires. 

Financial management, portfolio management, financial modeling, and business law require remarkable intellectual abilities. In the previous century, people who dreamed about a career in finance had to have an analytical set of mind. Today, young specialists need to be brave and adventurous too. Those who were interested in emerging technologies during their studies have a high chance of succeeding. 

Healthcare Management

Healthcare experts say that the world might witness many pandemics in the next decades. Telemedicine is developing rapidly and should become accessible to everyone. Medical and biotech startups strive to revolutionize healthcare facilities. These are just a few spheres that will need a new generation of competent and ambitious professionals.

To become good specialists in this sphere, students should have empathy. They need to know about healthcare operations, financial management, law and ethics. They should be ready to bear responsibility for the most vulnerable people. Their decisions will affect those who need support and reassurance.

Human Resources

This sphere is even more focused on people. Writing college papers on psychology is different from deciding which person will better fit a certain job position. Students need to have superb communication skills and know how to motivate others. They should be able to think outside the box and discover hidden talents in candidates.

A graduate with such a degree can work as a recruiter, HR generalist or benefits specialist. They can be in charge of human resource management and organizational development. They will learn about the best labor practices and talent hunting. They will be able to train people and plan organizational resources.


Marketing experts can work remotely and collaborate with clients from any region of the planet. This degree is spot-on for self-employed individuals who want to become digital nomads. Yet those who prefer a traditional office career will be able to find a well-paid job as well. Marketing specialists increase brand awareness, improve customer loyalty and boost sales.

Digital marketing is the most promising sphere of activity. Otherwise, young professionals can focus on research, communications or consumer behavior. They learn to promote all types of products. They will be able to sell gadgets, jewelry, solar panels, and space trips.

Supply Chain Management

Every year, e-commerce plays a more important role in our lives. Companies will keep offering lucrative conditions to specialists who can optimize their logistics. Many other spheres will welcome a young specialist with such a degree.

A graduate will be able to work as a logistician, logistics analyst, or operations manager. They will learn about international business, supply chain risk, and inventory management.


With any of these degrees, a young professional should be able to make an impressive career. Their jobs will bring them a decent income and profound satisfaction. They will be able to expand their knowledge and teach the younger generation. They will keep exploring new opportunities in the rapidly changing business environment. They will surround themselves with like-minded people and will be able to lead a very comfortable lifestyle.



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