A mental health trust in Greater Manchester has introduced new technology to enhance the wellbeing and safety of patients who are in a significant mental health crisis.

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust is the first mental health trust in the North West to partner with Oxehealth, a company that provides patient monitoring systems.

The innovative technology called Oxevision has been installed across all Pennine Care’s seclusion rooms and 136 suites, a place of safety where people can be assessed if detained under the Mental Health Act.

The new system uses sensors to remotely measure a patient’s pulse and breathing by detecting changes in skin tone and chest movements, even when they are under bedding.

Rachael Osborne, acute service manager and clinical lead for the project at Pennine Care, said: “This new technology complements the vital role of our clinicians and ensure patients who are in a significant mental health crisis are kept safe at all times.”

The optical sensor relays information to clinicians and viewing screens are installed in clinical offices. The sensor also sends an alert if a patient gets out of bed, who may be at risk of falling, or if they display behaviour that may be a risk to their safety.

Rachael adds: “It will not replace human contact but it does give us the opportunity to observe our patients from a distance without the need to disturb them unnecessarily, particularly at night. This helps patients to remain calm and settled as we’re able to respect their privacy and dignity; but we can also quickly intervene to support the wellbeing and safety of our patients if we need to.”


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