Upcoming Manchester singer-songwriter Kate Anita has released a single ‘HUMAN’, which is inspired by being young, growing up and figuring out who you are in an exciting, vibrant city. The accompanying mini-doc showcases culture, community and strength of her home city, Manchester.

As a song, ‘Human’, was written some time ago, however Anita had to go through a period of soul-searching to put the final touches to it, which upon reflection, she realises this was due to being a young person in a big city, trying to work out who she was, herself.

Much like the song-writing phase, the visual accompaniment also went through some development, with the initial idea being to shoot a relatively generic music video. With the song completed, Anita realised that this presented an opportunity to share the lessons that she had learned from other people in Manchester, with other people around the world, particularly after witnessing the coming together of so many people in 2017.

For any young person growing up in a city environment, it can be a daunting experience. Anita states, ‘through realising that everyone has their own personal battles, this made me feel less alone. I saw the song and video as an opportunity to present other people’s life experiences as part of this release, in order for itself to be a way of helping other feel less alone and more empowered…which is something I realised that I couldn’t do by myself, or by just myself singing to a camera.’

‘My one message for anyone that engages in the single or video, is that our human connection, and how we treat each other, is really the only thing that matters. Which is something I feel Manchester does really well.”

As a song, ‘Human’ both evaluates and contradicts itself by describing the two main aspects of living in the city; how for people, it can be very overwhelming when figuring out what kind of person you want to be, and also expressing how exciting it is to have every opportunity accessible to you in an inspiring environment. Through the people Anita has met over the years, these encounters have highlighted how everyone around her has their personal battles that they are facing. The mistakes we make shouldn’t define us, they should make us stronger… and most importantly, make us human.  


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