Sara Kay from Stretford, who teaches Laughter Yoga to people in Greater Manchester and Cheshire, has been named as one of Eventbrite’s most innovative yogis this International Yoga Day (Friday 21 June).

Novel yoga formats on event marketplace Eventbrite – such as SUP, alpaca, laughter, goat and forest yoga – are growing in popularity as they bring the benefits of the ancient practice to whole new audiences.

Eventbrite recorded a 55% uptick in people attending yoga events over the last year (2022 to 2023), when almost 200,000 attendees enjoyed more than 12,000 yoga experiences all over the UK.

Sara Kay trained in Laughter Yoga in 2016 after struggling with depression. Her personal experience is a testament to the transformative power of this unique practice.

She teaches Laughter exercises as part of a bi-monthly two-hour relaxation therapy session in Hale, Cheshire. The sessions include Yoga Nidra (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) and a Sound Bath by her colleague, Dr Nicholas Peters.

Laughter Yoga, developed in 1995 by Dr Madan Kataria, combines yogic breathing with intentional laughter initiated by specially designed warm-up exercises.

Sara said: “During the pandemic, my online classes were very busy, with people joining worldwide. It is a positive activity that was much needed – people seemed more open to stepping out of their comfort zone and trying it to feel happier and less stressed. Laughter Yoga is still popular online.”

The College of Medicine recognises Laughter Yoga as a suitable social prescribing activity for mental health and asked Sara to deliver Laughter sessions at its online international conference in 2021.

She continues: “Now back in person, I deliver Laughter Yoga and Bollywood Laughter Dance workshops for individuals, businesses, and adult community groups, including the Women’s Institute, plus sessions at Pride events and well-being festivals.

“Did you know that you can laugh without feeling happy? The many benefits include a large healthy dose of feel-good endorphins, better resilience to cope with challenges, improved confidence and social connection, increased energy levels, decreased stress levels, immunity boost, and pain relief.

My sessions mainly comprise females over 30, but anyone is welcome. I would advise giving it a go – willingness is the only equipment needed, and you’ll enjoy how you feel afterwards!”

Eventbrite’s Sebastian Boppert said: “Yoga provides many body and mind benefits through poses, breathing techniques and meditation, but there’s no rule book to say you can’t have a little fun when doing so. Some yogis may prefer to do things the traditional way but alternative classes on Eventbrite can be equally effective even when they’re a little different – Sara’s Laughter Yoga classes are a great example of this.”


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