Ever felt like you had bagged a great deal on car insurance, only to then find out you paid more than your friend who owns a similar vehicle? 

See how your own premium stacks up against others across the UK with the new ‘Premium Drivers’ tool from comparethemarket.com. Premium Drivers – including all the data and findings – can be accessed by curious motorists here.

Having analysed car premium data from every local authority across the UK, the insurance experts can now reveal how your premium stacks up against others. 

To do this, data has been collated using average car insurance prices and cheapest car insurance prices by three variables: age, local authority, and vehicle value.

Outside of London, it is the next two biggest cities which are high up on the list, with Manchester having an average of £1,260.24 per year, closely followed by Birmingham with an average of £1,173.50. Luton also has a pricey average with £1,165.91.

Here are the other most expensive council areas for car insurance in the UK and their annual premiums:

  1. Manchester – £1,260.24
  2. Birmingham – £1,173.50
  3. Luton – £1,165.91
  4. Blackburn with Darwen – £1,108.65
  5. Bradford – £1,091.96
  6. Sandwell – £1,060.72
  7. Slough – £1,048.40
  8. Oldham – £1,048.08
  9. Liverpool – £1,044.99
  10. Leicester – £1,036.79

With a dense population and complex road system, it’s no surprise to see London boroughs dominating the most expensive car insurance location list.

The South-West of England takes the badge for the cheapest places in the UK to ensure your car, with five of its local authorities having an average of £490 or less a year! 

The only non-southern authority to fall into the top 10 cheapest is the Scottish Borders!


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