Ahead of Manchester’s Wine Fayre, a survey reveals that residents of Manchester drink more white than any other style of wine according to recent sales information.

In terms of the amount of wine purchased, 41% of sales in Manchester are for white wine, with red accounting for 31% and sparkling sales the remaining 24%. Over half (51%) of all white wine sales are for Pinot Grigio, with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay being the second and third most popular white wines respectively.

Red wine sales are dominated by Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.  

This information has been published by Tesco in advance of its annual Manchester Wine Fair held at Manchester Central, and compares sales patterns between some of the UK’s major cities.

Amongst the other cities surveyed, Champagne sales sparkled in London – 40% of sales in the Capital are for sparkling wine and residents of Bristol showed a preference for red wine – in particular red wine from Australia.

Tesco Wine Expert Graham Nash commented: “In the run up to our annual Wine Fairs we thought it would be interesting to see what the variations were in the shopping habits in each of the cities we are visiting this autumn.

“It’s really interesting when data is broken down by region and you are able to see the differences. For example, in Manchester, sales are dominated by white wine; London buys the most Champagne and in Bristol, sales are monopolised by Australian red wine.” 

Graham added: “For people who enjoy wine and are keen to try a range of styles and colours, the Tesco Wine Fairs offer a fun and educational day out.

“With plenty of wine to try and masterclasses and wine experts on hand to answer visitor’s questions, they are a great opportunity to discover your new favourite style of wine.”


The Tesco Wine Fair will be held at Manchester Central on Saturday 12th and 13th September 2015.


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