Manchester Histories is launching plans for its 2022 festival, which will bring people and communities together to focus on The History of Climate Change (Thursday 9 June to Sunday 12 June 2022) through exhibitions, talks, events and more. By exploring the past, Manchester Histories wants to inspire people to look at ways they can take action for a better future for all.

There will be key events across Greater Manchester, with communities and grassroots organisations encouraged to connect, share their ideas, and for these to be part of the festival programme. The causes and consequences of climate change on people and our ecosystems throughout history will be the thread that is carried through an exciting calendar of cultural events.

The Monastery Manchester will be taking a leading role in the festival for the first time as the launch venue and home of the Manchester Histories Celebration Day (Sunday 12 June). Manchester Central Library will have a programme of activities and exhibitions centred on history and climate action.

For Gallery Oldham the focus will be on the natural world and environment. Angel Meadow Park will be the outdoor venue, with activities being planned around food and drink. These four hubs will be just the beginning as community-led events are added to create a final line-up, which will be dynamic and far reaching in its scope.

Karen Shannon, Chief Executive of Manchester Histories, says, “We want to play our part in encouraging progress and change. We believe that to prompt the action needed, an understanding of the history of climate change has a powerful role to play. We’ve already lost time and this is costing us dearly; if we explore the consequences of this and why we have arrived at this moment of climate crisis then perhaps that will be the trigger for action to happen. As the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution there is no better place to do this than Manchester, and we hope that organisations and communities will join us in this quest.”


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