Planning an executive business trip can sound like an onerous task, especially if you are unexperienced in the area. As a personal assistant, meeting the expectations of your boss is vital, yet with this simple guide you will be able to exceed them. 

Importance of having a plan

Meticulous planning and attention to detail are the success to organising a successful executive business trip. Each person is different, so it is important to familiarise yourself with their needs and personality. Do they get stressed travelling? What is their preferred mode of transport? What essentials will they need with them to hand e.g., medication, eye mask etc.? It’s advisable to note down their specific requirements in advance to avoid forgetting later. Then, you can start drawing together a checklist for the trip, to ensure they are fully supported when travelling.

Creating an itinerary will provide you and your boss with peace of mind, knowing that all the details for the trip are in one place. Plus, it will help to highlight any gaps present. For example, you may need to consider airport transfers, and book accommodation for them. Many high-end hotels offer packages with airport transfers included, which may prove to be more cost effective for the company. However, remember to keep in mind your clients’ preferences, they may prefer to travel with the same company or need special assistance. 

Quality & Cost Effectiveness

Working as a PA for a senior and respected business executive means that your offerings and planning cannot compromise on quality. However, this does not mean that considering the cost should be completely ignored. As your boss likely sits at the top of the hierarchy, they will most likely be afforded a higher budget within the company and require either business class flights or even private jet travel to the destination of their business trip if embarking on a trip overseas or a state-to-state flight. However, if the travel is local, then a first-class train ticket or luxury chauffeur service will suffice and will save unnecessary costs. 

Be present and offer advice

Whether you are asked to accompany your boss on their trip or not, it is important to remain available throughout their excursion – just because your boss is away doesn’t mean that you are too. Research the destination of trip and offer recommendations on sightseeing, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. It may be wise to become acquainted with the local culture of the destination and the political climate, so your boss is fully aware of his surroundings and won’t risk causing any unintentional offence. 

If you are sure to stick to your plan and pay attention to the details the business trip should run smoothly and efficiently. Taking on this task may appear overwhelming, but if you can pull it off, you will most certainly feel the reward!


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