Award-winning distiller, Manchester Gin has created its showstopping sixth flavour which will be infused with the sweetness of a British classic, blackberry. 

Blackberry Infused is one of the first premium gins in this flavour and the latest blend by the artisan drink producer.

Lovingly created in The Spirit of Manchester Distillery, located in the heart of the city centre, this new expression is made with Manchester Gin’s classic botanicals, dandelion and burdock root, with the addition of the juice of bold blackberries which gives it an unmistakable deep red hue.

This autumn, Master Distillers Jennie Wiggins and Seb Heeley have taken inspiration from Britain’s hedgerows, using blackberries to create a flavour that’s sweet yet bold – perfect for autumn gin drinking!

The delicious Blackberry Infused Gin has a smooth yet warming finish to every sip, perfect when paired with Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic.

The award-winning Signature recipe has been expertly blended with the juice of blackberries to create this bold and fruity expression.

Manchester Gin uses only the finest botanicals in the distilling process, making its products high quality and full of flavour. Its iconic botanicals – dandelion and burdock – are locally sourced and blended with blackberries in this latest flavour combination.

Master Distiller and Manchester Gin co-founder Seb Heeley said, “Our aim was to create a bold, unmistakably blackberry gin, so we’re really proud of Blackberry Infused. We’ve maintained a high ABV and a clear gin character that’s both juniper-forward, and carefully balanced with the blackberries. It’s got the sweetness and juice of the berry, but still very much gin.

“Its rich and warm flavour is perfect for autumnal drinks, hot cocktails, or a G&T that’s bursting with flavour. I don’t think there’s anything else like it on the premium market right now, so we’re really pleased to be able to give our customers something new and unique.”

A striking purple and gold label adorns the iconic Manchester Gin bottle, incorporating the Manchester bee and honeycomb detailing, paying homage to the city which inspired Manchester Gin’s creation. The clear glass bottle will let the deep, dark hue of this new expression take centre stage, creating an eye-catching and intriguing product.

Blackberry Infused is available to pre-order on the website for shipping from 18th November and to taste in cocktails and G&Ts in Manchester Gin’s bar and restaurant, Three Little Words.

The Blackberry Infused gin will take pride of place alongside Manchester Gin’s core range which includes Signature, Wild Spirit, Raspberry Infused, Overboard and Haçienda gin.

Manchester Gin – Blackberry Infused Gin 500ml:  SRP: £35, 40% vol. Available here.


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