Manchester City Council is launching ‘2022: Our Year’ to create a legacy for children and young people living in Manchester and to help bring UNICEF’s ‘Child Friendly City’ recognition for the city.

Young Mancunians are set to benefit from new experiences, opportunities, events, and support through 2022, to help them reclaim their futures after well over a year spent in lockdown or in restricted measures due to COVID-19.

The dynamic, year-long campaign spearheaded by Chief Executive Joanne Roney OBE, Leader Elect Bev Craig, and Councillor Garry Bridges, Executive Member for Children’s Services, will lay the foundations to make a lasting, positive difference for the city’s next generation.

The campaign will also incorporate special fundraising projects specifically to support Manchester’s most vulnerable youngsters.

Council leaders have recruited respected local figures, leaders, and innovators from the private sector to be official campaign ambassadors to help put youngsters at the heart of the city’s future.

These inspirational Mancunians from diverse backgrounds and sectors, have pledged to support the 2022: Our Year campaign in a truly ‘Manchester-does-things-differently’ fashion.

Ambassadors will contribute their experience, talent, and time to consult and take part in events, support fundraising projects, and provide practical opportunities such as work experience and mentoring.

They will be involved in official 2022: Our Year masterclasses, TEDx-style talks, a summer sports festival, local culture and arts activations, mental/well-being learning experiences, and an immersive career event.

Leader Elect of Manchester City Council, Bev Craig said: “Covid-19 has laid bare the inequalities that are deep rooted in our society. Around a third of Manchester’s children are currently growing up in poverty and our young people have felt the brunt of the impact of the pandemic – missing vital education and left isolated from their friends. A formative time in their lives has been cruelly taken away from them. Those from disadvantaged backgrounds have been hit even harder.

“We are a city with a powerful social conscience and 2022: Our Year is about closing the gap between the haves and have-nots. We cannot shy away from the challenges that face our city and it is our responsibility to do everything we can to ensure that everyone in this city can share its success.

“This work won’t happen overnight, but the aim of this journey is to show our young people that they can succeed. We want to inspire them to think big, believe in their own potential and – ultimately – we want Manchester to be the very best city a young person can grow up in.”

Joanne Roney OBE, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, explained:  “2022 will be dedicated to our young people. We will create a year of opportunities, experiences and activities that will inspire, engage and support young people in this city. To do this we need help.  


“To meet our ambition to create a true and lasting legacy, which will help young people in this city to achieve their dreams, we need to work together. We the public and private sector to work in partnership, pulling in the same direction to put young people at the heart of the city’s future.  

“We would love to hear from businesses who share this ambition. Let’s make 2022 the turning point for young people in Manchester.”


Businesses and members of the public will be able to access more information and register their interest or support for the cause by visiting the council’s new 2022: Our Year website:



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