Didia, a boutique marketing agency in Manchester, has created a series of reports which has been developed to provide a bird’s-eye view of the digital and online marketing performance within the Training Industry.

The goal of this industry report series is to highlight a benchmark for each business, showcasing their strengths and weaknesses based on the digital and marketing data.

Warren Williams, Managing Director of Didia, said: “One of the most notable points from this research is that although the industry is primarily expertise driven (exchanging knowledge for revenue) there are only a small number of businesses that have developed their assets (supporting marketing and sales material). This is by far one of the biggest gaps that we can seen for the businesses looking to improve their marketing and sales performance.”

Due to high volume of data across the 210 businesses used in the development of this industry report, the output has been broken down into six tiers and each tier is made up of 35 businesses.

The report tiers work in descending order with Tier 6 being the best performing websites and Tier 1 being the websites that have a smaller online presence.

The data that has been gathered to form the report has come from a combination of various premium online research tools and good old fashioned manual research to give a more rounded picture of all the elements. This data covers a wide selection of metrics from organic search, social media, website pages speed and even customer reviews. 

For more information about the industry report by Didia click here


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