A Manchester-based charitable organisation has won a significant grant from local business Equilibrium Asset Management.

ReflecTeen Hub Organisation is led by teenagers and provides direct support to socially and economically challenged people of the same age.

Its work helps to prevent crime and reduce the risk of vulnerability for young people, which is a key risk factor in crime and offending behaviour.

The organisation aims to provide preventative measures which will help teenagers to avoid the criminal justice system, antisocial behaviour, gang culture and psychological ill health.

Its main focus is on addressing early signs of misdemeanour and providing proactive intervention methods to teens experiencing social crises before things escalate.

Alice Solomon at ReflecTeen Hub, said: “We are very grateful for Equilibrium’s generous donation to Reflecteen Hub Organisation. The grant will enable us to continue to provide our unique tailor-made services that provide opportunities to navigate young people away from offending behaviour.”

ReflecTeen Hub delivers solutions via mentoring programmes, crime awareness programmes, school transition engagements, workshops, seminars, live webinars, conferences, as well as collaborations and partnerships with other organisations to provide young people with the opportunity to navigate independence in a healthy way.

The grant will be used to renew ReflecTeen Hub’s liability insurance and cover accounting fees.

Equilibrium’s Community Support Scheme was set up in 2015 to award grants ranging from £100 to £500 to community organisations and charities across the region.

With this latest handful of grants, the wealth management company has awarded over £19,000 in funds to community groups.

Grant applications from the Greater Manchester area can be submitted at https://www.eqllp.co.uk/the-foundation/greater-manchester-community-support-scheme/


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