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Despite nearly every digital device you can think of being able to show you the time, there is no substitute for a designer luxury watch. The UK market alone is worth around £600m and is predicted to grow annually by 2%.

So why are luxury watches so popular, especially when you can get watches that connect to your phone, the internet and come with a host of apps and other features?

In this post, we explore why luxury watches are so popular.

Makes a Statement

When you discover watches by TAG Heuer and other leading brands, you realise that they make a statement. It is a little like other luxury items such as performance cars. Yes, you can get an economical vehicle that will give you better mileage and be more suitable for your needs, but a Vauxhall is no Aston Martin.

Yes, you can have a smartwatch, but it makes no statement at all. TAG Heuer and other leading luxury watch brands make a bold, clear statement that is unmistakable.

Men Want to be James Bond

Every man secretly and indeed not so secretly wants to be James Bond. They want the fast cars, the lifestyle, the women, the PPK, and the suave elegant demeanour. Bond always has a watch that sometimes saves his life. When a man has a luxury watch, he is stepping into a lifestyle that is like James Bond.

As such, wearing a luxury watch is but a performance car away from being James Bond.

Luxury Watches Look Amazing

There can be no doubt that there is something remarkable about a luxury watch. They look fantastic, and they are not just for men. There are exquisite women’s watches that, like the man’s watch have a timeless elegance.

Luxury Watches Have a History

Every luxury watch you can think of has a rich history. This is where the brand has perfected its art. Today, the materials used in a luxury watch are used to construct spacecraft and Formula 1 cars. It is at the cutting edge of science and technology with each part precision engineered. All the experience gained from generations of watch construction is represented by what’s on your wrist. This is something that can’t be rivalled.


The craftsmanship involved in luxury watches is second to none. Horologists have dedicated their lives in perfecting the art of watchmaking, and like the science is applied with unrivalled precision. This craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of the design.


Luxury watches retain their value far better than smartwatches or mass-produced ones with them being produced in limited numbers. Given the amount of craftsmanship and expertise that goes into a luxury watch, they last a long time. Smartwatches are quickly superseded as the speed of technology moves fast with one model becoming redundant quickly. Mass-produced watches rarely outlast their battery life.

A good luxury watch makes a bold statement in itself and for the individual wearing one. To present the best version of yourself, it’s time to consider a luxury watch.


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