Liposuction, also known as lipo, is a surgery where your fat is removed. Liposuction Turkey shouldn’t be thought of as a weight loss surgery because it isn’t. The main purpose of it is to sculpt the body. So once you have healed, you will have a nice body shape.

As years have gone by, there have been advancements in cosmetic surgery. For instance, now instead of classic lipo, you can get vaser lipo or you can get hi-def vaser liposuction.

You may ask, “what is the difference?”. Difference between classic lipo and vaser lipo is, vaser lipo is less invasive, technically, vaser lipo isn’t that new, but the current technology is 3rd generation. You can say it was perfected. In vaser liposuction, the surgeon makes use of a probe that passes on ultrasound energy that shatters the fat in a gentler fashion. The vibration coming from the probe detaches the fat cells and mingles it with the fluid. After that, to finish the procedure, the fat that is liquefied gets drawn out with small injury to the nearby tissues.

What happens during traditional or classic lipo? This is usually preferred by patients who have high BMI levels. The operation starts with the surgeon creating a small cut along which a cannula will go in to get to the deep fat sheet. This is important as working on the outer layer has prominent dangers of creating wounds to the skin. The tunnel will be moving back and forth to separate the fat cells from the tissues, then a device will draw it out of the body and into a container. 

There is also, hi-def vaser lipo, the difference with this one is in the name actually. It gives definition to the muscle. 

As we mentioned, there have been advancements and many people are doing this therefore, there are a lot of different prices. When you do your research, you will notice that a lot of people from around the world go to Turkey for cosmetic procedures. Why? Because the Turkish doctors have a lot of experience and the price for liposuction Turkey is very affordable. 

Whilst researching you will notice that there are many clinics. But if you live in the UK, you probably would prefer a clinic that also has an office in London and provides aftercare. Clinic Center does exactly that and it is registered in the UK. So, even before setting foot in Turkey, our teammate will have given you all the necessary information, so all you have to do is just concentrate on your surgery. 

Now, many people also come to Turkey to enjoy the weather, food and get some sun tan. After surgery doing this isn’t very ideal. So patients usually first do the holiday part, then come to Istanbul for their procedure.

If you would like to get rid of the fat that no matter what you do, don’t go. Or if you want to start from somewhere for the body you desire, why don’t you give the Clinic Center a try? With a healthy lifestyle after your surgery, your results can be permanent or even better than you think!


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