Brilliant – it is only Saturday but it feels like Sunday and the sun is beckoning. Bliss!

I’ve always been a bit of a creature of habit and I was really missing the papers as this is what you do on a Sunday in lockdown. Well, it is what you do in our house with nowhere to go and no one to see. So I re-discovered the Saturday Times magazine and had forgotten how good, interesting and amusing it is. Like me, all the journos are just writing about random daily nonsense to keep them busy and give them some sort of purpose. I guess I am in good company then!

I’ve noticed that puffed sleeves are making a comeback – what’s this all about? Even a size 8 will look like a size 20 and a puff top with small bikini bottoms just looks absolutely ridic!

On reflection, today should have been renamed “jibber jabber chitchat day” as I can’t remember a day when I chatted so much to so many people. I had aimed to get into the garden by 11 o’clock but didn’t actually make it until after 2 pm. I am gabby Annie personified!

The day started with my young 10-year-old cousin FaceTimeing from Australia. We’ve never been brave enough to press the button before and it’s because the adults were worried about not being able to understand each other’s accents. How lovely that a child just broke through that barrier and pressed the button anyway. It just shows you that as we get older we become more scared of things instead of just giving it a go.

After this, it was friends and family galore which was great fun and good to catch up with everything. I’m a little bit worried about my mum as she has not been feeling too well but has put it down to over eating chocolate. At least it’s not the virus.

My 2 new tops arrived from Next – they are lovely, summery and disturbingly white so will make me feel fabulous when I’m going absolutely nowhere. That is, until I spill my food down the front and then they will be ruined forever! Am I crazy? Mmmmmm, yeah, probs!


My List: Started reading my new book Don’t You Forget About Me by Mhairi McFarlane and it’s showing promise; I did Some of our Italian homework but it was very difficult so I sacked it on the basis of “when the fun stops, stop”!


My Lowlight: Seeing photographs of crowds, crowds & more crowds seemingly everywhere. I know that there is some talk of changing the lockdown rules but as far as I’m aware, the rules haven’t changed just yet. I don’t want to sound like Teresa May but nothing has changed, nothing has changed. If they do start to open garden centres and drive-through restaurants, I’m sure it will all be ok as they will reopen safely. I bet the queues will be absolutely ginormous but good luck to anyone who can be arsed to wait for hours just to have a burger!


My Highlight: Listened to Johnny Vaughan in the sunshine with a glass of fizz & my noise cancelling headphones to eliminate the accordion version of Captain effing Pugwash!! It was hilarious that his general jibber jabber to everybody starts with the question, “How’s the corona virus affecting your day?”


My Anxiety Level: Remaining chilled on account of the fizz but a niggling doubt about mum being under the weather.


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