Today was a very very busy day in work which made time just flyby as it was back-to-back meetings all day and before I knew it, it was time to finish.

Fortunately, there was some clarity overnight on Boris‘ announcement but I have a sneaking suspicion that they left it so vague to see what questions people wanted answering and then filled in the gaps to make them look smarter than they actually are.

I’m really not a fan of the four nations of the UK doing things their own way – surely now is the time for us all to be sticking together more than ever?. I still don’t think we are ready for a roadmap as we just don’t get what that means. The vagueness is confusing but it has led to many funny parodies of what we can and can’t do. My favourite is Matt Lucas’ impression of Boris – If it wasn’t so serious it would be hilarious.

As I stepped over all the packages in the decontamination zone, it struck me that I am a hypocrite on so many levels. There I am whingeing about people going out and about and being in crowds when I’m being bad in a different way by doing Internet shopping and putting all those people in the supply chain at risk. I really do need to have a serious think about where this is all going as I appear to have landed on some moral high ground with no real justification, sorry.

My List: A bit of tv, that’s all!


My Lowlight: My mum has been in hospital via ambulance on her own and I’m sad to the core. She’s had lots of tests and they are all okay so hopefully she will be better in the next few days. It is such a worry and just awful that dad couldn’t go with her and that we are not allowed to visit them as they are shielding.


My Highlight: YAY- The milk crate has gone at last. I’m assuming that the milkman has taken it rather than a thief but, right now I really don’t care. It has gone and that is enough for me.


My Anxiety Level: High but it will get better as mum improves.

Let’s hope that Day 50 is better than today but I very much doubt it as it is Tuesday after all.


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