Well, surprise surprise I’ve put on 1.5 pounds this week. Godamn Sat Baines!! I think it was worth it but I am going to carry on wearing very tight jeans to remind myself to stop eating. It might work and it certainly won’t do any harm. Well, other than cutting off my circulation and wrecking my knees!
My current whinging hobbyhorse for this week is people, supposed friends, on Facebook posting photographs where they quite clearly are not keeping socially distanced from other households. Then you see them with even more people over a few days and they think nothing of it.
It is making me absolutely crazy mad and the figures, albeit that there is a lot more testing than there was in March, are beginning to increase exponentially and we are heading for another lockdown if we’re not careful.
I don’t use the word exponential lightly as I am using it in its proper sense as in doubling and doubling and doubling over a short period of time rather than just being a big increase. The graphs are looking shocking and I’m beginning to get jittery again.  I can’t be on my own, can I?
The other word I’ve noticed this week is “brutal”.  It is being used much more than ever – I wonder why?!
Our Italian homework this week was all about Covid and the warning signs you might see on holiday and what you need to say to the shopkeepers and the airline officials. We’ll be all prepared and sorted if ever we get to go on holiday again. For the first time ever we currently have holidays not allocated and not only that, Dave has more holidays left than me. I knew we were in the middle of a great big crisis but I didn’t think it was that severe.
I identified this a while ago but my husband and I are very very lazy people.  Before all this craziness started, I’d always said that I didn’t have time to clean, sort cupboards, go to the gym or do the garden when, in fact, it is because I just didn’t want to.
We may well have been trying to disprove this so we decided to tidy up the postage stamp patio before the winter comes and cut back the roses so they will grow back stronger next year.  To be fair, neither of us knows anything about it but our rosebush is now known as Lazarus because we don’t believe he will be coming back from the dead any time soon but he might just. Time will tell and hopefully by the time Spring arrives we will be well and truly out of lockdown.
During this frenetic 30-minute garden tidy, we noticed the scaffolders, who are painting the house, have knocked a few things about and chipped two of the fences but they didn’t bother to fix it.  Bloody workmen!  The cheeky sods have already sent us the invoice and have given us 5 days to pay when they’ve not even finished the job.  At the rate they are going it will be done by Christmas and then, just may be, they can get paid.
In our newly tidied garden, we made the most of the sun but we ended up standing up against the back wall like a pair of loons to catch the last 5 minute of rays as we didn’t quite get up in time to make the most of it.  See, lazy!
I’m looking forward to next week as I’ve agreed to do my first restaurant review since lockdown and it is very fitting as it’s where I did my first one ever.  Strange times, indeed!
My list:  Well, there was a lot of TV this week including: The Crown Season 3 – it is really interesting and I am learning a lot about our history as I’ve fallen into the trap of believing it to be true!; started watching After Life; and finished the mighty fine Ozarks.  I did want to start on The Fall but we absolutely can’t until we’ve finished Sex Education as Dave will get confused with Gillian Anderson being in both!
My lowlight:  Realising that I’m not actually falling into the workaholic way of life again but merely work has become so high up on the list because we’re not actually doing much else.  How sad but we sometimes don’t speak for hours sitting next to each other on the sofa. I suppose we only need to panic when we’ve not spoken for weeks!
My highlight: We set ourselves a challenge to save up to pay the mortgage off as soon as we can over the next few years. As we’ve not been able to go out much or go on holiday, we should be able to put a lot into the pot but I keep spending it on ridiculous things, especially when I’m tipsy as we all well know from this diary. Oopsy! I’m delighted to report that we might just survive the month on Dave’s salary alone. It’s been dull and I’ve hardly spent anything but it feels good. YAY!!
Week 26, that’s the half a year mark folks, feels like the calm before the storm and I really hope I’m wrong but I think we have at least another tough 6 months ahead of us.


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