We’ve been at this lockdown malarkey for 40 days & 40 nights now. It’s a bit like Lent but the big difference is that Lent finishes and then we eat Easter Eggs together with all the other things we gave up in a big binge session whereas with lockdown, we need to keep going for now.

It’s all a bit dull, we’re getting bored, possibly even grumpy, and the impact on our lives is grinding us down but we can’t give up. Spain has literally just started to lift lockdown and people are allowed out for exercise but surely it’s too soon to lift it completely? If we’re not careful, the 2nd wave will bigger than the 1st and that will be dreadful.

Great news that there is a possibility for blood plasma to be used to help. I’m not exactly sure if it is to help with the vaccine or for this to be injected into very poorly people but I really do hope it works. Even more, though, I hope they are being very careful with the testing so as not to make a bad situation even worse in the future. Goodness me, there is a lot of hope in that sentence but I suppose that hoping is all we can really do right now whilst the scientists crack on with doing very clever scientific things.

On a lighter note, what a fabulous day today has been. It’s been my best and most favourite lockdown day yet. I’m a dirty stop-in as I didn’t get to bed until 2am and it all ended with me drinking bloody lovely creamy Star beer and dancing to an ABBA countdown on the TV.

In many respects, I really don’t want lockdown to end and, like most people, we’ve been talking quite a lot about what we’ll do when we will be allowed to go out. I just can’t see us relaxing in restaurants or being chilled enough to go to the cinema or brave enough to get on a plane anytime soon, though.

Dave made me laugh because he said he loves lockdown for two main reasons. Number one is because I’m always at home – so he can ignore me in person as he still wants to play on his computer games and watch boring documentaries on the tv – and number two is that we are not spending very much money at all. “Win-win!”, says Dave but “Dull-dull!”, says me!! I’m not sure I mean that though.

As it stands, right now I am thinking of giving up my gadabout-gal-about-town ways and spending an awful lot more time at home when normality resumes. We’ve had lots of lovely chats in the garden and on the sofa that have often led to much guffawing and I simply can’t wait for retirement.

The difficulty will be when I go back on the treadmill of life as I just find it so difficult to say no as I get invited to lots – and I mean LOTS – of fabulous things. I read a book a while ago about a bloke who said yes to everything for a year to see what happened and he had an absolute ball. I really wish that somebody would bring out a similar book that taught me how to say no!. I know this is a first world problem but it’s still a problem.

Poor Steven on Sky was having a mare with his broadband this morning so, in a way, it’s great to know that it is not only us mere mortals having these sorts of issues.

One of the things he was telling us was that we have met the 100k testing target and achieved 122k yesterday which is such positive news. However, we had a typical British response and looked for reasons as to why this wasn’t true so various people threw lots of metaphorical stones when they were being interviewed. Why can’t we see the positives and accept that many thousands of people are being tested today compared to yesterday. It irritated me so much I turned off the tv.

As I stropped off, I missed that Sky was recording at our local tip. How exciting! When I caught up with it later, there were a few differences, mainly the number of cars allowed in were minimal and the tip wardens were being helpful!

Out of curiosity, I checked on how much Captain Tom was up to. It was so sweet that he has raised nearly £33 million but the message on the site said that he’s having a bit of a rest and putting his feet up. Good for you, Tom!

My Parallel Universe: Out with my friend Sarah. She has Downes Syndrome and we first met on 9/11. In fact, it was her mum who told me about the planes going into the world trade centre and we watched it together on the TV. Over the years we’ve had absolutely tons of fun and one of my fondest memories was at her 30th birthday party last year when we’d arranged a surprise lunch in a local pub but she wanted me and her to sit on a different table and ignore everyone else!

My List: Watched Monsters versus Aliens while getting ready for various video calls; Sorted out my knicker drawer (again!); Chatted with mum & dad – I shared our made up quiz round where all the answers began with the letter M and they got 7.5 out of 10 which was excellent!;Painted my nails & did a half decent job; Good old chat for over 2 hours with one of my besties; & Gave speaking in Italian a good go – I got better the more alcohol I consumed!


My Lowlight: Realised when I cut Dave’s hair the other week the clippers were the wrong way round! No wonder the poor bloke yelped! I can hear my dad‘s voice in my head from when I was a dopey child saying, “If you had a brain you be lethal!”


My Highlight: YAY! I bought the lottery tickets for Tuesday. PHEW – it’s for £42m but if we win, where will we go?!


My Anxiety Level: Low and chilled.

I decided today that I’m going to have this diary made into a book at the end of all this. I might change my mind once I’ve sobered up! Hopefully this will be sooner rather than later – both sobering up and locked down!


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