Local MPs Jim McMahon, Debbie Abrahams and Angela Rayner, along with the Communication Workers Union have called on Post Office Limited to halt their planned closure of the branch in Oldham Town Centre.

Post Office Limited, owned by the Department for Business, Skills and Industrial Strategy, plan to close the branch and relocate to a smaller, reduced service to WH Smiths in Oldham Town Centre. It will lead to a reduced service, the loss of an institution on the high street and the transferring of jobs from a public employer to a private one. On the latter, CWU are concerned this will impact on the wages and conditions of the workers concerned.

The Post Office provides a vital service for people from across the town, and the closure is absolutely not in the public interest.

Jim McMahon, MP for Oldham West and Royton, said:

“It’s a nonsense as anyone who uses the post office will tell you. It’s a busy branch and well used. There is no public interest in closing it, even if it will be relocated.

“I’ve challenged the ‘top brass’ to meet me at lunchtime at Oldham Post Office to discuss how stupid this idea really is.

“Stand by. This will be a battle but we must fight it to save Oldham Post Office.”


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