A dog walker and trainer from Manchester has been shortlisted for an award recognising her dedication to supporting pets in the city.

Michelle Walker from Failsworth runs Michelle’s Canine Care but had to stop her walks when lockdown hit to keep in line with Coronavirus rules.

Once restrictions eased, the 36-year-old changed the location of her off-lead adventures from local parks and greenbelt areas to local moorland and National Trust spots and her dedication to supporting pets in the area has been rewarded with a spot amongst the finalists for Best Pet-Related Business at the Animal Star Awards 2020.

“It was a worrying time back in 2020 as nobody really knew what was happening or what to expect. Luckily I have a very close and honest relationship with my clients and thankfully retained their custom coming out of lockdown 1.0.

We have a group chat where I get to share ideas and information with everyone, so it was really good to see what they thought of moving the location of our walks, renaming them ‘Moors Mooches’.

I wanted to do what I could to support the dogs whilst everything was happening, so offered online training classes, set up a free Scentwork challenge for clients and the local community and made up Tuck Shop Treat Boxes, which proved very popular.

I’ve decided to continue the Moors Mooches and also the Treat Box business as they’re a big hit with clients, and obviously the dogs! So it’s been brilliant to begin 2021 with another business.”

(Michelle Walker)

And Michelle, who lives with her Staffies, Ryder, Pi and Darwin, says she was proud to have been shortlisted for the award. The Animal Star Awards was created by Mary Burgess back in 2016 as a way of recognising the amazing relationships created between humans and their animals.

“I am truly honoured and humbled to have this recognition for my business as I put my heart and soul into it and it has been a very challenging year!”

(Michelle Walker)

To find out more about Michelle, please click here.


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