Turkey’s leading hair transplant centre EstePera Hair Clinic invites you to Istanbul. So why Istanbul? Because Istanbul is a leading city in hair transplantation. It is at the top of the world in health tourism and of course, the most developed city in Turkey.

Especially in recent years, Istanbul has become an important city in the field of hair transplant. Due to higher costs and careless hair clinics in Europe, patients prefer Turkey in recent years. Turkey is a country with precise criteria for safety. This situation is also reflected in the hair transplant and health industry. The most beautiful part of the hair transplant in Turkey is that hair transplatation costs in Turkey is really low. Moreover, when you come to the country, you will catch an excellent tourism opportunity. This is a country where costs are very cheap. Today we will talk about hair transplant in Turkey and its advantages, here the details:

Advantages of hair transplant in Turkey Estepera Hair Clinic

1) Extremely affordable hair transplant

Hair treatments such as FUE only made a few thousand pounds in Turkey. However, tens of thousands of dollars are charged for these operations in Europe and America. When you compare the difference, you will understand why Turkey is leader in hair transplant sector in the world.

2) Opportunity of high quality hair treatment

For FUE hair treatment, Estepera Turkey clinic always offers the highest quality treatment. Many hair treatments, especially the FUE method, are carried out by Estepera Turkey clinics by using modern technology. You will certainly love the health standards and health security in Turkey.

3) Completed in just 2 days

Hаir Trаnѕрlаnt process may vary depending on the patient’s condition, but the general duration is 1-2 days on average. Factors affecting the duration:

  • Number of transplanted grafts
  • General plan of the hair transplant process
  • Your rest period at the hotel and city

If it will be a very detailed operation and the number of grafts is high, the operation process may be prolonged. Average operation time may vary between 2-5 hours.

4) No scar, no pain, no problem

When compared to the FUT strip, FUE surgery operation leaves almost no scar on you. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken from the donor area with the help of a “micro-punch tool”. The process is extremely sensitive. It leaves almost no scars. FUE hair transplant surgery in Estepera hair clinic in Istanbul is realized with highest technology in the world.

5) Estepera Turkey clinic provides you extra gifts

If you come to Turkey for hair transplant we have some good news to you. Estepera clinic provides you a wide treatment package and you will obtain extra rights. These extras (accommodation, transfer and guidance…) are included in the package you purchased. However, it would be good to send an e-mail to the clinic to see the full contents of your package.

6) Benefits of health tourism while you get loan

Pеrѕоnаl lоаnѕ: If you need a loan to come to Turkey you can get a personal loan from financial institutions. Many banks can easily provide loans between £ 5,000 and $ 9,000. You will not have a big problem in this regard.

Mеdiсаl loans: If you need a loan for your health, banks and financial institutions are very helpful in this regard. After doing a good research, you can get a low-interest medical loan. 

Credit саrdѕ: Credit cards are great for fast financing. If you contact your bank, they can increase your credit card limit. It is especially helpful to point out that you have a health problem. You won’t have to pay a loan interest. Your purchases you make with a credit card in Turkey can be paid by installments at 10-month period. You can contact your bank for instalment information.

7) Other free services

Estepera will give you free shampoo and hair care products while you are receiving services such as hair transplantation. You will also benefit from all other free facilities provided by the Estepera Hair Clinic. All these are included in the health package you purchased. When you come to Turkey you will experience an excellent travel and you will get the chance to visit Istanbul during the treatment.

8) Latest technology, expert staff and high standards

Turkey is a leader in hair transplantation sector. This is because clinics work with high-tech devices and expert staff. Turkish hair transplant clinics always provide world-class service. The fact is, Turkey is one of the major countries of the world that determines the standards of hair transplant sector.

9) Paradise of Tourism, Turkey: A magical health tourism opportunity

The only thing left for you is to buy your flight tickets. Estepera will take care of the rest for you. You will feel yourself in the comfort of home, when you come to Turkey. There are no annoying details. While your treatment continues at the Estepera clinic, great travel opportunities await you in Istanbul. Istanbul is Turkey’s most sophisticated metropolitan city. On the other hand, it is one of the most important tourism centers in the world. Turkish hospitality and world-famous delicious Turkish cuisine await you. Have you ever tried Turkish delight and Turkish coffee flavors? Then you should do a short research on Google about the Turkish cuisine and the beauties of Istanbul. 

EstePera Istanbul Hair Clinic wishes you healthy days!


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