Lane 7, a group of venues offering cocktails, ball games, and premium bowling, have put their unique twist on Christmas Jumpers by launching their very own ‘DecemBeer Pong’ game.

The brand has been putting unique twists on popular social games since 2013, such as UV beer pong, graffiti bowling, and crowd karaoke. 

To celebrate Christmas, the brand has switched up the festive favourite, the ugly Christmas jumper, by adding mini red cups encouraging an even more competitive version of the already popular Beer Pong game. 

Unlike the table version, the festive Beer Pong players will wear the jumper and stand 2 meters apart before attempting to land the ball in their opponent’s cups. if successful the player removes their empty miniature cup, before taking a swig of their drink.

The garment, a must-have for beer pong fans, will not, however, be available in the shops. If Die-hard fans wish to get their hands on the jumper, they must visit their local Lane7 venue this Friday and ask staff to play ‘DecemBeer Pong’ in order to get their hands on the product.

 If they’re one of the first 5 requests, they’ll be given the jumper to keep kickstarting a brand-new Christmas tradition.

Jack Jolly, Head of Creative for Lane7, said, “We know our guests love getting competitive, so we’ve added a new angle on the much-loved tradition of Christmas Jumpers. Lane7 loves putting fresh twists on classic games; be it bowling, beer pong, darts, or karaoke.

After a strange December last year, this year gives us the perfect chance to start a new tradition.”

The jumpers will be available in Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield, Liverpool, Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Edinburgh, North Shields, Birmingham, and Bristol.

To book your festive lane, table, or bar booth, visit, or for information on how to snag a jumper follow @Lane7_ on Instagram.


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