Tony Lloyd police & crime commissioner Greater Manchester joins with faith leaders to sign a wall in Manchester Cathedral condemning the EDL march this weekend

With the Labour party having just one MP left North of the border, Jeremy Corbyn had little choice but to pick a Englishman for the role of Scottish Shadow Secretary.

The previous post-holder, Lesley Laird, lost her seat of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath in the general election earlier this month to the SNP while the only Labour MP North of the border  Ian Murray in Edinburgh South resigned from Jeremy Corbyn’s front bench in 2016.

Rochdale MP Tony Lloyd fitted the bill, having previously been the party’s Shadow Northern Ireland spokesman.

Commenting on the posting Tony told us

“In the light of the general election, and Labour’s disappointing results in Scotland, Jeremy Corbyn has asked me to temporarily take on the role of Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland in the period between now and the election of the new Leader of the Labour Party in March.

“This is an important role. The North of England has massive contacts with Scotland, both economic and social, and through family ties. Come what may, our futures are closely interwoven, and Labour must be part of finding a way forward for the long term interest of the people of England and Wales, especially in towns like Rochdale, as well as Scotland and Northern Ireland.”


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