Connect with nature and learn all about how birds build their sturdy nests with the latest instalment of the We Are Adventurers Facebook forest school. 

Easter weekend is upon us and many parents across the UK are looking for fun, backyard activities to keep their families busy as they all adjust to life in lockdown.

To help, We Are Adventurers, a Manchester-based adventure business has taken their outdoor know-how to the garden to give parents a free Facebook resource to entertain their little ones.

So enjoy the sun and get in backyard this Easter.

To make your back garden birds nest, you will need:


  • Three sticks

  • Lots of twigs

  • Grass

  • Leaves

  • Feathers (optional)

  • Eggs (hard-boiled) – Or chocolate ones if you have any spare!


Take the three big sticks and form a tripod into the ground for stability. Start adding the twigs in the shape of a waffle to layer on top. Add some decoration – leaves, feathers, more twigs – go wild. Finally, add the eggs.

Hints and tips

  • Combat any tumbling tower frustrations by using this as a chance to explain how long it takes a bird to build these and how often they may drop a twig

  • Don’t give up, it’s all about creating a sturdy home for the eggs

  • Celebrate as you add each egg! If the nest stays intact, it’s sturdy enough to hold them

  • As an added Easter activity, you could even paint the eggs before putting them in the nest

“Easter is a time children look forward to, they have time off school, visit friends and family and often take part in Easter egg hunts. This year will, of course, be a little different. At a time when everything has closed, even the smallest amount of outside space can be used to engage children in the most positive way.

Our step by step guides and videos make it really easy for parents and children to learn more about nature and pick up some useful skills on the way.

Our Easter birds nest guide gets little ones thinking all about how birds do this with just their beaks and feet and it can all be done with bits and bobs from the garden!”

(Paul Wilcox, Lead Adventure)

For more information visit the We Are Adventurers Facebook page.


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