Liberal Democrat Candidate for Greater Manchester’s first elected Mayor has claimed she ‘…can win next month.’ She was speaking after launching her ‘unashamedly pro-European campaign.’

 At the launch, held in Levenshulme she championed the contribution that Europe has made to Greater Manchester and cited the Metrolink as the ‘…classic example.’ She has insisted that she is the only alternative that will deliver change.
Jane said, “My manifesto is a manifesto for positive change. It’s based on thousands of conversations over the last 12 months in all 10 authorities in Greater Manchester. The Liberal Democrats are the only major, political party to want to withdraw from the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. I will protect our green spaces for future generations. House building is critical but we shouldn’t build on greenbelt until we’ve built on all brownfield sites. My campaign is on the side of the people – not the developers.”
 Jane, flanked by Manchester’s only opposition Councillor, former MP John Leech and Gorton by-election candidate Jackie Pearcey was joined by Liberal Democrats from all ten Greater Manchester Authorities. She said, “Both Labour and the Conservatives have let Greater Manchester down. Andy Burnham and Tony Blair’s Labour Government cancelled the Metrolink Extension in 2001. A decision that set back our trams 15 years. Only the Liberal Democrats fought to extend it whilst the Conservatives sat back and did nothing.” Jane plans to ensure that public transport is smarter with an integrated network playing its part in tackling the air pollution and environmental problems in Greater Manchester – a key risk to public health.

“Greater Manchester is a great city – and it deserves someone who really wants this job and will fight for it. Andy Burnham was the health minister who started privatising the NHS. He has twice lost in attempts to become Labour Party leader. Being Greater Manchester’s Mayor is his second choice. We deserve better than that.”
Crime and policing has also become a central issue in the election campaign. Jane, who recently revealed figures that showed that over 100,000 crimes were not investigated by GMP said, “Labour’s record on fighting crime is criminal. Tony Lloyd, the current Crime Commissioner has let us down badly. They have the wrong priorities and our streets are less safe under their shambolic leadership. At the same time they are axing funding. I will reintroduce community policing and ensure that there is a fairer distribution of frontline police offices throughout Greater Manchester.


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