The iMind developers are constantly improving the quality of the technology stack and employees provide excellent service

iMind is a popular conference call service that is best for video conferencing. This technological video conferencing platform is recommended for business, study and for personal communication. The iMind’s developers are constantly improving the quality of the technology stack, employees provide excellent service, and company managers support partners’ contracts. This is constantly confirmed by excellent iMind reviews.

What options are available on the platform? has many useful options. There are:

  • free plan;
  • possibility to make up to 10 rooms for free;
  • host up to 100 participants;
  • group meetings for up to 24 hours;
  • simultaneous screen sharing;
  • background noise suppression;
  • personal and group rooms, recording multiple meetings and conferences at a time in different rooms in Pro plan;
  • online chat for business;
  • excellent audio and video quality;
  • creating meeting room with individual design;
  • the ability to use in the browser and an app.

In the Free plan users can make up to 10 rooms. It allows for group meetings up to 24 hours. It is easy to create a meeting room. You enter the name of the room and get a link. Then just copy it and send it to the participants. Also iMind is easy to join the meeting just by following the link.

Pro plan gives participants advanced options and features for video conferencing and online chats. There is an option of conference recording, online chat and up to 99 licensed users per account. It allows you to store video recordings in the iMind cloud for up to 365 days.

Reasons why iMind conferencing platform is recommended

The iMind conferencing platform is a smooth and user-friendly service especially for business. It helps to maintain a collaborative workflow and a balanced working relationship between all employees. Many companies use this platform for their projects, especially for project meetings and schedules.

Participants can use iMind in a browser. Customers can set up the volume of participants and use online chat in Pro plan.

iMind has a simultaneous screen sharing. It enables all participants to co-edit information during meetings and brainstorming sessions. 

What are the reviews of users about the service?

A lot of reviews of users about iMind service say that it is an advanced and affordable platform with a wide range of functions. Many participants like to reach their colleagues in 1 click. They like to talk with high video and audio quality.

It is a platform where you can discuss company plans regardless of time zones and locations with reliable communication. It has a friendly and easy to use interface. There are many different free topics for creating rooms. It has very informative templates and features for working and career.

All things considered, the iMind is a convenient and stable communication service. It solves everyday management tasks. Users can bring the office’s work to their home with conference calls, video meetings on laptop, PC or smartphones.


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