OVER 200 white roses were handed out on the streets of Manchester as part of The Footsteps to Freedom campaign last weekend

Senior figures from different communities including Mr Das Shyamanand from the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, walked from All Saint Park, Manchester on Saturday 12th November, through the city centre, handing out flowers to members of the public.

Each rose was tagged with the message; “If you don’t believe in any religion and don’t fear the day of resurrection, at least be free and noble in this world.”

Around 300 attendees spent 90 minutes making their way through the city to encourage freedom for all, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

They followed a funeral procession representing Hussain, the grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam, a man who fought for universal principles and was martyred with 72 others during the battle of Karbala 680AD.

Chairman of the10thday.com, who organised the event, Mr Faiz Hamdani said: “As the first of its kind in Manchester, the Arbaeen Manchester Peace Walk 2016 has brought communities one step closer to each other under the flagship of freedom and unity and want to see no social injustice within Manchester. 

“We had an overwhelming response from the general public who wanted to know more about the10thday and the Story of Karbala.I thank all the participants and due to its success, we are already in talks for the second Arbaeen Manchester Peace Walk 2017.”

The event took place following the campaign’s recent food drive to feed over 2000 people living below the poverty line in Manchester, where members of the Muslim community donated food during Ramadan for Christian food banks.

The walk was free to attend and all attendees received a free cup of tea at the start, ending with a meal and refreshments. 


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